Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas gifts for cats

Do you buy gifts for your cats for Christmas? I do. It's a tradition for me to buy my cats some treats and toys so they can celebrate the holidays with me.

Here are some ideas for gifts for your cats. Some of them cost a bit of money while others are free:

-Cat bed - these come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. PetSmart has a wide selection of beds to choose from.
-Treats - treats come in all kinds of flavors from tuna to chicken to turkey.
-Homemade treats - go here for recipes.
-Spend time playing with your cat.
-Cat toys - most cat love catnip. PetSmart as well as Target and other department stores often have a good selection of cat toys.
-Learn to give your cat a massage.
-Buy a tape of tweeting birds for your cat to listen to or a video of tweeting birds for your cats to watch.
-Cat jungle jims - those huge scratching posts your cats can climb all over and rest on.

For more ideas, please visit my article The Best Gifts for Cats.

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