Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Emma has kidney trouble. She's 18 so that can be expected at her age. But she's not been feeling well lately. She's losing more weight and hasn't had much of an appetite the past day or two. It could be that she's just having a rough couple of days, but I'd really appreciate any good vibes or prayers all of you other wonderful cats and cat owners can offer up for her.

In other news, I am feeling much better. Carmine and Milita took exceptionally good care of me when I was sick last week. Cat medicine truly is the best medicine :)

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  1. We'll think good thoughts and offer our prayers for Emma.

    We're glad the cat medicine has made you feel better.

  2. I will definitely pray for Emma, she is such a cutie :)

  3. I hope Emma feels better soon. I hate to say it might be a good idea to have her bite the v-e-t. I mean, SEE the v-e-t.
    Victor always recommends Fur and Purr therapy for sick beans.
    My woman wants to know why you have an Amtrak timetable in the picture; my beans are train nuts.