Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Tribute to Emma

Emma passed away about three weeks ago.

Emma was an unforgettable cat. I remember being anxious that she wouldn’t like me before she and her owner (my ex-fiancĂ©) moved here. I carried her in from the cab. Then, she was just this weight I had on my shoulder, but little did I know how much of an impact Emma would have on my life or Carmine’s or Milita’s.

Dave took Emma out of her carrier in my bedroom where she could get used to her new home without having to cope with new cat friends at the same time. Emma seemed to take to me right away! She immediately let me pet her and declared her happiness with her special “ra-ows!”

Soon after, she met her new sister and brother who were very curious about Emma. Carmine delighted in chasing Emma up and down the hall, and she seemed to like it, too.

Milita wasn’t quite as thrilled with Emma’s presence as Carmine appeared to be. Emma appeared to scare Milita for the first several months she was here. But eventually, Milita became accustomed to having a new sister. She even grew to swatting Emma playfully as she walked by.

Dave informed me that Emma had kidney disease right away. She required a special diet, one Carmine and Milita delighted in as well. Though they stole her food, sometimes aggressively, you could tell that both of them cared about Emma, especially toward the end of her life.

What I remember most about Emma is the way she vocalized. It was a very unique sound – a sort of broken meow. I always knew when she was near or wanted something from me.

There was one time that I was feeling very sick and I was laying on the floor. No one was home with me, except my cats. Emma came by and let me know she was there with a “ra-ow!” Even though I didn’t make any move to show her affection, she just sat there right by me on the floor until I felt well enough to go about my day again.

Emma used to steal my brushes to rub her face on. There was one time I couldn’t find any of my brushes to brush my hair, and Dave ended up finding it in the corner of the living room Emma used to love being in. After that, we made sure there was a brush available for her.

Emma’s kidneys failed her quickly in the end. I noticed a change in her right away.

When Dave decided it was time for Emma to rest, Emma seemed to be more at peace.

The morning we took her in, we gave her her favorite treats: tuna, cats treats, lots of love, songs, petting, and stories. I don’t know if Carmine and Milita understood at the time, but I tried to explain to them that Emma had to go away for a while and I gave them a chance to say good-bye to the sister they had grown to love.

I believe that Emma lived a long, happy life, and I’m glad I was able to contribute to her happiness in her last two years with us. I believe that her spirit will always remain among those who had the opportunity to love her.


  1. We're sorry to read that Emma passed away. We offer our sincerest sympathies.

  2. That is a lovely tribute to Emma; thanks for sharing about her ...