Sunday, February 24, 2008

How to Brush Your Cat's Teeth

Brushing your cat's teeth may be challenging, but you can acclimate your kitty to regular teeth cleaning.

Acclimating your kitty to regular teeth cleaning may take a while, so be patient with your little furry friend.

Talk to your kitty throughout the process of teeth brushing. Tell your cat what a good kitty he or she is, that everything is okay. Keep your voice gentle and calm. This will let your furry friend know that everything is okay.

First, take the toothpaste cap off the tube of toothpaste and allow your kitty to smell it. Put a little bit on your finger and let your kitty smell it and taste it if he or she desires.

Next, you can stick your finger or a finger toothbrush into your cat's mouth and gently rub the gums and touch the teeth so that your kitty can get used to what it feels like to have your finger or toothbrush in his or her mouth. Don't attempt to actually clean your cat's teeth just yet.

On another occasion, brush one or two teeth with a small toothbrush or finger brush.

Keep working with your kitty gradually. Build your way up to brushing all of his or her teeth every week, if not more.

Each time you take a new step, reward your kitty with a treat, a nice scratching, some extra play time, or something else your kitty really enjoys.

Acclimating your cat to teeth brushing may take some time, but with patience and positive reinforcement for good behavior, you can teach your kitty to tolerate teeth brushing.

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