Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How to Prevent Your Cat from Chewing on Electrical Cords

When Carmine was a young kitten, he really loved chewing on electrical cords! This always terrified me because I knew how dangerous it was for him to chew on cords.
If your cat chews on electrical cords, he or she may get electricuted or get severe electrical burns in and/or around his or her mouth.
To prevent your kitty from chewing on cords, you can do several things:
-Spray your cords with Bitter Apple spray, which can be found at pet supply stores
-Put tabasco sauce on the cords
-Cover your cords with plastic covers
-Wrap your cords in duct tape or electrical tape (I have heard this works for some cats, but I have not tried it myself)
I used to spray Bitter Apple on all of my cords, which Carmine really didn't like. He eventually grew out of the behavior he had as a kitten and it is no longer necessary for me to spray my cords.
I hope you find these suggestions useful for the curious cat who loves to chew on cords.

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