Sunday, March 29, 2009

Biggest Losers Contest Winners

A while back I posted about the Biggest Losers Contest (in Purrfect Pets) where owners of obese cats were encouraged to help them lose weight on a veterinary approved diet. The results and winners of the contest were recently published in the May edition of CAT FANCY magazine.

The first place winner is Pumpkin, a 13-year-old cat who weighed 30 pounds before he began his weight-loss journey. At 30 pounds, Pumpkin's owners, Kathryn Maxwell and Elizabeth Bible, said he didn't move anymore than he had to. They did not force him to exercise, but began to feed him a recommended amount of weight management cat food every morning and evening. He began his weight loss journey in July 2007, and by January 2009, he weighed 14 pounds. His owners say he now plays and runs with the other cats, is much happier, and can groom his entire body.

The second place winner in the Biggest Losers Contest is Serendipity, a nine-year-old cat, who weighed 23 pounds when he began his weight-loss journey. His owner, Marian Kaplan, gives him a little less than 1/8 cup of diabetes food every morning. She tosses it piece by piece down the hall to give Serendipity some exercise and to keep him from snarfing his food, then stealing the other cats' food. In mid-morning, Serendipity receives four dental treats, tossed as well. Ten pieces of diabetic food are then tossed to him mid-day. In late afternoon, he is served 1/4 of a small can of wet cat food in a bowl with three posts, which makes him work for his food. Finally, before bed, he gets 10 more pieces of diabetic food tossed to him.

Serendipity now weighs 11 pounds.

The third place winner in this contest is Baron, an eight-year-old cat who weighed 22 pounds at the beginning of his weight-loss journey. Baron's owner, Nan Schaeffer said when Baron was rescued he was malnourished and gained weight too quickly, which led to him becoming obese. Baron has been eating four controlled meals each day and must jump up to his table in order to eat them. Baron now weighs 13 pounds, and enjoys running and playing.

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