Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Purrs and Purrayers Needed for Milita

Later today, Milita is going in for a dental cleaning and any extractions she needs. A few months ago, her veterinarian told me that if I had her teeth cleaned soon (within the next year) that she would not need to have any teeth extracted, so I certainly hope that is still the case. If so, she will still have all of her teeth. :)

I have never had a kitty get their teeth cleaned like this before and it makes me a little nervous because they will have to put her under anesthesia to do it. She is eight years old, so she isn't quite a senior yet, but she isn't a kitten, either.

I know she's going to be angry at me. I wish I could explain to her somehow that this is for her own good - that this will help her stay healthy and she won't have tooth pain or gum disease. But she doesn't understand. All she knows is that her mean mommy is taking her to the mean vet who will be mean to her by taking her blood and cleaning her teeth. :( It's times like these when I wish kitties could understand English.

Please send my baby Milita purrs and purrayers that it all goes well and that she doesn't have any discomfort or pain. I love her so so soooo much!


  1. We're sending Milita LOTS of purrs that the teeth cleaning goes smoothly. And that she won't be too angry with her Mommy when she gets home. :)

  2. We are purring for Milita and hoping all goes well.

  3. poor baby - it would be nice if we could explain our actions. :) We are sure she will be fine....and we are sending purrs for all of you!

  4. aw, poor kitty, she'll feel so much better when it's all over with. Lots of purrs from us to you!