Thursday, July 12, 2012

Carmine's Vet Visit

As promised, here is an update on my little baby, Carmine.

We went to the vet on Tuesday to get an opinion on his health and to see what else we could do to help with his stress levels.

The vet noticed what I've known for years - Carmine is a *very sensitive* cat.  He picks up on stress and he is stressed *very easily!*

She weighed him and he has maintained his weight (thank God!).  He has been feeling lighter to me and some days he is too nervous to eat much, so I was really worried he was losing weight.  She gave him an exam, too.  His heart is perfect (yay!).  But his teeth are not :(  Carmine goes to the vet on a regular basis and they always look at his teeth, so I was disappointed to hear that he now needs 1-4 extractions, depending on how many they can clean up versus have to pull.

The vet specifically said that she doesn't want to put him through the stress of an oral surgery and recovery from extraction/s *until* the family is gone.  She thinks the stress would be too much for my baby and I totally agree with her on that.  She wants Carmine to come back for his dental surgery in three months.  The family is *supposed* to be gone by Sept. 1.  IF they keep their word (God, PLEASE let them keep their word!!!) then he will have some time to recover from this situation before we have to take him in for his surgery.

I really hope my little boy isn't in pain from his teeth.  He doesn't really chew his kibbles, but he never really has crunched his kibbles the way Milita does.  It concerns me that he eats on the side of his mouth when he's eating wet food sometimes.

I'd much prefer to take him in right away for the surgery to make sure he's not in any unnecessary pain, but I think the vet is right - I think we need to wait for this stressful situation to be over before we stress him with the surgery.  I just hope we're doing the right thing.

She also recommended Rescue Remedy for cats for him in conjunction with the Comfort Zone deffuser for his stress/anxiety, so I'll look for that as soon as I make it over to PetSmart.  I feel so helpless sometimes to help my baby.  I just want to make his anxiety go away.

We are sorry we haven't visited many of your blogs lately.  We plan on visiting everyone again soon.


  1. poor Carmine - stress can affect some kitties so badly. we got our paws crossed that things work out like you hope....

  2. Awww poor Carmine. I'm crossing my paws that somehow things will work out. Poor baby - your heart just goes out to Carmine and you also mom.

  3. we's sad to hear about carmine's teefs, but glad to know he's well in other respects. it's furry impawtent for him to be easy in his mind so he can heal good frum his dentistry. we hopes that he don't haff enny bad effects frum waitin', an' that when it comes time fur the excavatin' he'll be relaxed an' happy!! (HUGS) to you, mom, frum our mommer, who frets efurry bit as much ofur us;-)

  4. My mom said she knows how you feel. She really does. I hope that the family can be made to stop what they are doing that is so hard on your baby.


  5. We think you're making a wise choice to wait till Carmine is less stressed. We hope he continues to eat and to maintain his weight.

  6. if kicking out the family is not an option, then waiting is probably best. although kicking out the family might be an option to consider. I hope for quick healing for Carmine.

  7. Purrrrrss to Carmine. Hang in there, kittie.

  8. Me and my cat Charlie came by to see how sweet Carmine is doing and to send him lots of healing hugs and purrs! Awwww what a cutie!! We are not really sure who this family is who is stressing gorgeous Carmine but we hope this source of stress goes away asap so Carmine can have his surgery. Sore teeth is definitely not a good thing! Be brave sweet Carmine! You are loved! Take care

  9. Sending good thoughts and purrs our way that Carmine will soon be back to he is soon back to his ole self. Keep us posted.

  10. Glad to hear your vet is sensitive to Carmine's feelings and well being. When the kitty isn't happy no one's happy - we know how you feel.
    Hoping for better news soon!

  11. Poor Carmine, we hope he gets his house back soon. Sending healing purrs for the teeths.

  12. We continue to purr for Carmine. We're sorry he has teef problems.

  13. (((purrs))) to sweet Carmine.
    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  14. Here's to that family moving out much sooner! We think it's best that poor Carmine waits for the surgery so he can heal without stress.

    There's a paste called "Logic" which is a dental enzyme paste which works to reduce the bacteria in the cat's mouth that can cause inflamation, it tastes ok (ish). It helped Whicky when he had sore gums and teeth. It isn't too expensive. It's used for humans too when they have sore gums from chemo. Maybe you could ask your vet about it?

    Come on Carmine, eat up those noms!

    Oliver, Gerry & Mungo

  15. Poor Carmine! Moosey is very sensitive, too. He uses the calming collar, which really seems to help. We are glad that Carmine's heart is sound. we'll purr and pray that the family keeps their word.


  16. We is purring fur poor Carmine. Me knows how hard it is to feels stresses. Me hopes him can has hims home back to just hims famibly real soon!
    Love, TK

  17. Ohhhhhhhhh =(
    Our hearts go out to Carmine ... and our purrs and prayers, too.

    Family, family ... go away!!

    Grace & Company

  18. We are all sending purrs to you sweet Carmine, hang in there sweetie.