Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Help Us Set Up Our New Home?

Mom has found us a new place to lives!!  We is excited and nervous about it all.  It is on a major bus line, which is good for Mom because she can't drives.  She told us the peoples in the office seem nice and we will have a good bit of room to run around.

We know mommy needs a lot of things for our new place, like kitchen stuffs.  Mom also wants to make sure we are taken good care of while we are in transition (because the first month at a new place is always the most expensive!).

We have started a wishlist of stuffs we could really use.  Or you could donate a green paper or two through mom's donate button on the side of our bloggie.  You can find our wishlist at Amazon.  With the "Find a Wishlist" option, search for:  It will come up with our wishlists.  The one we are using for things we need for the new place is called "New House Items."  Or you can access our wishlist by clicking here.

Mom is going to head to Good Will soon to see what they has for her there.  She is doing her best to make sure we is all comfortable and have what we needs on a tight budget.

We will understand if you cannot donate anything at this time.  We knows the economy is tough.  If you can't donate, could you send some purrs and prayers our way?

We will be more active on heres again soon; we miss visiting all our great friends!

Purrs and hugs,
Carmine and Milita


  1. I just posted your comments on the CB.
    I'll bet you get a lot of help.
    And I can help out, too.
    Mommy ML is haffing to downsize now that Daddy Charley is in a nursing home. Hers hafs lotsa stuff, way too much. And we would love to share wif you.
    Goodwill is an excellent place to go. Mine Mommy just discovered it. You can find real treasures there for not many green papers. Course, when you need effurryfing, it adds up fast.
    Love & Purrs,

  2. good luck with the new place. our grandma loves the good will store - we bet you find lots of stuff.

  3. We hope your move goes smoothly and you are able to do everything within budget.

  4. We wanted to suggest posting on freecycle or looking on craigslist. People often post things for free (or nearly free) there. We will purr for you that everything goes smoothly.

  5. I will snoop around at your list later on!

  6. WE sure will look around the house and see what we can up with. We don't have many green papers right now but we sure send many purrs and prayers that it all works out for you. Take care.

  7. About all we can send right now is some purrrrrss. (With some luck, we might be able to send some green papers in a couple weeks.)

    If we were a little closer, we might could give you a lot of stuff. Dad is cleaning out his parents house, and has two or three of just about everything.

  8. So glad you found a new place! :)

    We will take a look at your list later on, and will certainly purr and pray for you!

  9. Thank you everyone! You are all very sweet :)

    We added some new things to our list, and we bet you can guess what our mommy's favorite color is now! ;)

    We loves you all! <3