Monday, August 20, 2012

Pet Bowls Recalled

We wanted to let everyone know that Petco has recalled three cat and dog food bowls due to an overseas manufacturer using stainless steel, which contained bits of radioactive cobalt-60.

The bowls being recalled are:

  • SKU 1047477 - Has a 7-cup capacity and a 9-inch diameter.
  • SKU 1386956 - Has a 3.5-cup capacity and a 9-inch diameter.
  • SKU 1047493 - Has a 3.75-cup capacity and a 9.25-inch diameter.
You can find the SKU number on the label on the bottom or inside the bowl.  If you purchased one of these bowls between May 31 and June 20, 2012, it is recommended you take the bowl back to Petco for a refund.  

Jonathan Monken, director of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency stated, "These bowls do not pose an immediate health risk, but we always want to prevent unnecessary exposure to radiation."  Petco is reported as saying, "We don't know for certain how it got into our product, but we believe it came from scrap metal that had some cobalt-60 accidentally mixed in."  

The recalled bowls arrived in two shipping containers in the United States in late May or early June.  U.S. Customs and Border Protection discovered the radiation in one of the shipping containers during a routine examination.  The second shipping container, however, made it through to Petco distribution centers.  Petco reports that they removed all of the bowls from their stores and put a hold on any further shipments from the manufacturer.  

If you have any questions regarding this recall, you may call Petco's customer service line: 877-738-6742.  


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  1. That is just plain scary! I know I have seen those on some blogs of our pals but I sure can't remember where.

  2. Thankfully, I don't have those bowls, but thanks for making people more aware.

  3. That's really scary. Thank you for letting us know about this recall!

  4. It is really scary! I just happened to run across it the other day. I really hope none of our friends have these at home or in the shelter!

  5. Hi Sierra, thank you for stopping by our blog. It's so nice that you are warning about the recall. I haven't bought any new bowls in a very long time. Actually Cleo is eating out of a small glass bowl I have had for years. Casper used to have one of his own also. Now that he is gone when one gets dirty Cleo uses the other one while it is getting washed.

    Carmine sure looks like you are really enjoying that nip banana. Go For it.