Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Very Big Thank You to The Cat Guy!! :)

We want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to the Cat Guy at fourwhitepaws for sending us a present!!!!  We appreciate your kindness soooo much!!  The mom took pictures of us to share with you so you could see how happy your present made us :)

Apparently while I (the mom) was sleeping today, Carmine reallllllly wanted in the box!  It's reported that he was nudging, rubbing, and trying to tare it open, LOL!  He KNEW there was something good in there :)

Mama, what's in the box?!


Me loves my catnip!!  :)

Catnip, catnip!!

My catnip nanner, you can't have it!

Yeowww is Milita and Carmine's absolute *favorite* catnip!  They were soooo happy when those came out of the box!! :)

And Cosequin!  This will last my baby Carmine two and a half months since he only needs 1 capsule a day (since he weighs under 10 pounds).  Cosequin makes such a HUGE difference in his quality of life, so thank you soooo much!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to The Cat Guy at fourwhitepaws!!!  We will forever be thankful for your kindness!

If you haven't visited fourwhitepaws, we hope you will stop over at their bloggie and say hi!


  1. What a nice thing for the Cat Guy to do!

  2. HURRAH for the Cat Guy! He really knows his drugs...MOL! Those nanners are beyond wonderful.

  3. I LOVE my nanner from Yeowwwww. It's green from being smooched and licked so much. xox

  4. And Cat Guy rocks, doesn't he? So do his kitties. Don't you love Oliver too?

  5. I hope the nip nanners ease some of the move related stress for the kitties. They don't look very stressed in those pictures, so maybe it's working! Seeing happy kitties makes me happy. :)

    We use the Cosequin on our senior, Buddy, and it makes a huge difference. He's much more able to move and jump when he gets his daily dose. I'm glad it works for Carmine too!

  6. Wow, that sure was great of the Cat Guy!

  7. @The Cat Guy, I'm so glad the Cosequin helps Buddy! Before the Cosequin, Carmine was so lethargic, but since he's been on it, he acts like a kitten again! It's really amazing :)

  8. I love nip nanner too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!