Friday, November 16, 2012

Jewel Goes to the Vet

Jewel went to the vet yesterday.

They weighed her and she now weight 9 pounds 12.5 ounces.  I'm estimating she was 12-13 pounds before as she used to be heavier than Milita who weighs about 11 pounds 7 ounces.  I can't speak for her dad, but this much weight loss scares me.

The vet asked a lot of questions and took Jewel's temperature, which was normal.  She decided that blood tests were in order to test for glucose (diabetes), kidney values (kidney disease), and thyroid values (thyroid disease).  She also recommended a urinalysis to test kidney values.

Unfortunately, she had a little accident on the way over, so they had to keep her there to try and get urine from her later in the same day.  I hope she isn't too sad without her daddy!!

It will be a relief to find out what is going on with her so we can make her feel better.  I love her!

Here's a picture of her in the vet's office.  She wouldn't look at me.

Depending on when they were able to get her blood and urine (whether it was yesterday or if they had to wait until today), we will know something either later or not until Tuesday.  I will let you all know.


  1. We are all still sending lots of purrs to sweet Jewel!!!

  2. Sending lots of rumbly purrs to Jewell, we hope her tests are ok. Thank you for helping her Daddy get her the care she needs

    Gerry & Mungo

  3. Oh gosh, that is a lot of weight to lose but maybe it is something simple that can be treated. WE sure are sending tons and tons of purrs your way Jewel. Please keep us updated. Have a great week end.

  4. We are purring hard for Jewel and hope her test results are ok.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. we are sending lots of purrs.... we hope it is an easy fix!

  6. Thoughts and prayers will be with you. We hope it is something simple that medicine can correct. I'm purring for her right now.

  7. Awww...she looks sad in the Vet's office. : (
    (((purrs))) hope she is ok.
    xo, Katie