Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jewel Update

I just wanted to let everyone know that Jewel has an appointment with the v-e-t on Thursday at 9am.  We should know something later that day or Friday.  I think it takes them a day to get the blood work back because they have to send her thyroid test out somewhere.  I will update you as soon as I know anything.

Thank you all for your purrs and prayers for our sweet Jewel! :)


  1. Thanks for themupdate, we are all still sending lots of purrs.

  2. We are keeping Jewel in our prayers. Hope all goes well!
    Love xx
    Sherlock,Ash and Traveler

  3. Thanks for keeping us posted! We are purring and praying for Jewel!

  4. I hope that you get good information from the bloodwork. Spyro and Oja are purring for Jewel. Thank you for your kind words about Herman. I am sure that he is having a good time with all the Bridge kitties. I bet your Emma met up with my Emma and they became friends. I appreciate the offer of e-mail contact. I may take you up on it.

  5. Purrennial prayers for Jewel. Glad to stop by and meet Fur Everywhere. With five feline friends, there indeed is fur everywhere. Happy Thanksgiving weekend.