Sunday, February 17, 2013

Easy Like Sunday with Jewel

Jewel's never sat in my office chair before, so when I saw her there this morning, I decided to take a few pictures.

Jewel didn't seem interested in coming to get her breakfast this morning, so I decided to bring it to her! :)

As usual, she didn't eat much, but she did eat more than I've seen her eat in like the past three weeks, so that's definitely a good thing.

As The Island Cats mentioned in the comments section to my last post, I may ask the vet about prescription a/d (thank you for the reminder, by the way!!).  I'm not sure what the vet's thoughts will be on this as Jewel has kidney disease.  However, I think she and I are on the same page - we want her to EAT - eat anything!  I hear the a/d is quite yummy and high calorie, so that could very well be the way to go.  She needs to gain some of that weight back.

Please stop by later for our party for Carmine's Birthday!! :)


  1. Room service is always nice!!

    We hope Jewel eats a lot more.

    The Florida Furkids

  2. We're purring that Jewel eats more. Maybe switching up where she eats will help? When our long-ago Cyrano had CRF, he ate more when he didn't have to get up and walk across the house to get to mealtime.

  3. Brilliant idea to bring the food to her! praying she keeps eating will be back for the birthday party for sure!

  4. We're glad to see Jewel eating some. We hope she continues to eat. Bringing the food to her seemed to have helped! Good luck with the a/'re right, the best thing is for Jewell to eat anything.

  5. Breakfast always tastes better when it's brought to the comfy chair.

    That AD is good stuff, it's even yummier with a couple of seconds warming it in the microwave too.

    Eat up Jewel, we are purring for you sweetheart!

    Mungo & Gerry