Monday, February 18, 2013

It's A Birthday Party!


My baby is 8 years old today!  

We hope you will ALL stop by and have fun at our pawty!  

Carmine can't have any fish with his medical condition, BUT we have lots of chicken, turkey, and every kitty's favorite....CHEESEBURGERS!!! :)

Carmine: Mom has bread and vegetables for the peoples.  Don't worry kitties, she won't make you eat yours with any of that yucky stuffs on it!

We will also have Carmine's *favorite* dessert - ICE CREAM!!!

Carmine: Mama has vanilla ice cream for us kitties, but hers says that she has "toppings" for any peoples who come to the pawty.  She says the peoples can has cake, too.  Me doesn't care about cake; me just loves ice cream!! 

We have a TON of catnip toys you can all play with.  We also have a light-up ball, bell balls, and mice you can play with, too.

Carmine: We has a few laser pointers around heres, too.  Mom will make the light for any kitties who like to chase them around.  I play with the light sometimes, but Lita is the big light chaser around here!

If you get tired and need a little cat nap, you are welcome to sleep on my bed.  Or you can sleep in one of the cat beds, in a cat cube, or on one of my fleece blankets. :)

Carmine: We has LOTS of soft places to nap around here.  Mommy always makes sure we have plenty of choices!

Carmine: Mooooom! I'm trying to have a rest before all of my wonderful furriends arrive!

Mom says you can invite your peoples along if you want to, too. 

We want to thank everyone for their awesome support and friendship.  You have all made an incredible difference in our lives, and we appreciate you all more than we can ever say!


Thank you, everyone, for coming to Carmine's party!  We hope you have a wonderful time!!


  1. A very Happy Birthday to you Carmine. We can't wait to dig into that good food. What a great party. Hope you have a most wonderful day and many more Carmine.

  2. Happy Birthday Carmine and thank you for inviting us to your party. You've got some very tasty foods for us to try - nom nom nom - delish.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


    May your day be filled with love & cuddles and treats & nip. Lots & lots of the nip! purrs

  4. Happy Birthday Carmine! What a wonderful party this is, thank you for the invite. Cor!! Cheeseburger!

    Hope your day is wonderful and fun!

    Gerry & Mungo

    *leaves small gift wrapped box containing finest English country spiders*


  5. Happy 8th Birfday Carmine! We is comin right over fer some breakfast burger. An we has some fresh windowsill Nip to bring over...

  6. Happy birthday, Carmine! What a fabulous party, we'll be right over to help you celebrate!

  7. Happy Birthday Carmine!!!! We will be over to help you party....

  8. Happy birthday, Carmine! I hope your day is filled with toys and treats!

  9. Oh boy, what a great party! Happy birthday Carmine!!

  10. Happy Birthday Carmine. What a great party they have put on for you. All this yummy foods too. Hope you have many more birthdays just like this one.

  11. Happy birthday Carmine! You are one lucky mancat!

  12. Happy Birthday, Carmine! We hope you are having a great day!!

  13. Happy birthday, Carmine! Thank you for inviting us to this great party. We sure hope you had a wonderful day, and that your year is filled with much love and happiness. :)

  14. Wow Carmine you REALLY know how to throw a PAWTY!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is one great spread! thank you for inviting me and have a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Love, Cody