Friday, May 10, 2013

My Tree!

Jewel and Milita have been using the tree more often. Carmine gets in the bottom level sometimes, but he hasn't been higher than that - at least I haven't seen him go higher. 

Interestingly, Lita, the one who showed no interest in the tree, has been the only one who has gone up to the second highest level. We managed to get a picture of her. :)

Carmine is headed to the vet later. He's eating out the side of his mouth again and he isn't eating as much as he normally does. I can tell he's in pain (he eats out the side of his mouth when his tongue or teeth hurt). Hopefully, the vet will be able to determine what's causing the pain so we can fix it for him. I can't stand to see my little baby in pain. :(

We also received an award, which we will post about later or this weekend.


  1. It takes a little time, but we're sure that tree will get lots of use! Purrs to Carmine...we hope he is okay.

  2. Purrs to carmine. Hope he feels better after your vet visit. Hop the vet fixes him fast.

  3. Oh, eventually I imagine there will be ca tree battles!

  4. Good luck at the vet Carmine, hope they can sort your teef out quickly.

    Looks like the tree is being run in gently there, level two yay!

  5. Hope they learn to love the tree soon!
    Poor Carmine! Hope the vet can fix him up quick!