Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Opt to Adopt Sniffer

Today's kitty comes from MaxFund, a no-kill shelter in Denver.  I've never actually been to their shelter, but I know they do great work!  They offer low-cost spay/neutering, low-cost vet services, and pets for adoption.  I hope to be able to visit them sometime soon.

Sniffer is tan and white domestic shorthair.  He's approximately 11 years, 6 months old.  He loves attention, and he will meow at you from his cage for you to come pet him.  He loves kisses, nose-to-nose rubs, and petting.  He also loves to rub his face on humans' faces.  Sometimes, he'll give your nose a gentle little love nibble.

Sniffer is very friendly.  He gets along with other kitties, dogs, and kids.  He purrs a lot when he's getting affection and when he's eating.  He was born with a nose deformity, so his purr sounds a little different.

Sniffer was brought to MaxFund because he has diabetes, and his human said they could no longer afford his insulin, which he needs daily.  The insulin he needs isn't too expensive, though.

He loves to play with toys and enjoys catnip!  He can be a little lethargic (but who isn't a little tired when they're a senior?).

Both photos taken from Sniffer's profile page at MaxFund.

You can adopt OR foster Sniffer!  If you want to foster him, his insulin will be covered by MaxFund through their vet.

He would make a wonderful and loving companion.

If you'd like to learn more about Sniffer, you can call or visit MaxFund.  He's located in the clinic.  You can reach MaxFund at: 720-266-6081.


  1. Oh dear boy, you are so handsome and I sure hope someone comes for you soon.

  2. Oh what a charmer. I hope some body will take him to his forever home soon!

  3. Just beautiful, we are sure you will find that forever loving home real soon xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. Isn't it sad that at his age he has to find a new home? We had a kitty on insulin and it isn't expensive or hard to give, but then, we don't know his former peep's situation. We just hope someone sees his dear face and takes him home soon.