Thursday, April 10, 2014

How Old Are You: Poll

Earlier, I was reading about how a feline named Phoebe is the oldest cat in the world (currently) at the ripe old age of 25!  According to the article, domestic cats live on average 12-15 years.  

My childhood kitty, Kitty (yes, her name was really Kitty), lived to be 18 years old.  

Angel Emma

Emma lived to be 18 as well.


And my sweet Jewel is going to be 16 in June!

Have I gotten lucky with cats who tend to live longer than average or are cats living longer these days, I wonder.  

In any case, this inspired me to take a poll of our furriends.  We want to know: HOW OLD ARE YOU?

Leave us a comment by Wednesday April 16th, telling us how old you are, and we'll tabulate the results!  We'll report the results on Thursday April 17th.  Woofies as well as kitty friends are welcome to participate.  We will calculate separate results for woofies and kitties, so if you are a woofie, please let us know that in the comments, too.

We can't wait to see who is our oldest furriend and who is our youngest furriend!  


  1. Let's see:
    Maestro turned 19 last fall
    Tim & Tom are 10
    Mozart is 7
    Ivy & Spud are 5
    Junior is 3

  2. Tucker 15
    Benny 13
    Sadie 5

    As a point of interest, my childhood cat Berries lived to 19.

  3. We are about 4 years old this coming June we think but don't have an exact date as there were over 100 cats at the house we were born in.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Rocky will be 15 in May. Niles will be 15 in August. Mrs. P is 8 in August and Crepes will be 3 in June!

  5. Star and Saphira are both 7 and Star will be 8 in August, and Saphira will also be 8 in July though. Nico and Anya are both 5 and will be 6 in August. Tadpole died at about 15, and Bubbles my former female cat was 16 when she died in 2010.

  6. Binga will be 14 later this year, Boodie will be 13 in May and I will be 12 on Cat World Domination Day, June 24! None of us act like senior kitties. I think averaging things out (including cats who died youn from accidents or disease) sort of skews the longevity figure.

  7. me...butter lover boomer o cat iz 14; eye think....

    I....dai$y queen of cats am 11

    and me, tuna of moon iz 7


  8. Merlin will be (paws crossed) 20 in Oct. Domino is 10 and Odin is turning 4 in June.

  9. Nicki is about 7.5 now, and Derry is 6 going on 7. :-)

    As for the human...never mind! LOL.

  10. Our last generation of senior cats lived to 15, 16, and 18, but we're all still young compared to that.

    Pierre will be 9 in June
    Newton is 7
    Ashton will be 3 in a July

  11. We think cats are living longer. We're getting much better care.

    Wally is 10
    Ernie is 8
    Zoey is 6

    The mom had a cat before us that lived to 20 1/2, and Scooter lived to almost 17.

  12. Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan are both five
    Bibi-Chan is four
    Genji is three

    Ikkyu, #1's first cat, lived until 15, but Sen-Chan died at 18 months and Yuu-Chan at 15 months, both of FeLV.

  13. All Kitties:

    Delilah - 2
    Sampson - 2
    Sophie - 1
    Sass - 3
    Caster - 1
    Jack - 15 (our grandma's cat)

    Kitties of ours that have passed over the rainbow bridge:
    Phoebe - 11
    Madeline - 11

  14. I think I am going on 7. I may already be 7. The Vet told mommy a fib when she adopted me 2 years ago and said I was 3. But when I changed Vets, my real age was told to mom. She loves me so much it does not matter.

  15. Moosey is probably about 11. Gracie and Zoe are 10. Angel Sammy lived to be 19.

  16. I just turned 2 on April fools day!


  17. Tommie is going to be 17 this month and Mickey Mouser is 5.
    Many years ago we had a little calico cat named Maude, she lived to be 24!!!

  18. Star is 14, will be 15 on the first of June. Leo is three.

  19. I'm 1, turning 2 this coming September.