Monday, May 12, 2014

Mancat Monday

Hi everybody, Carmine here!

I gotted this pickle for mes birthday.  At first, the Mom thought me didn't care for it too much because mes didn't play with it a lot.  Then I started attacking it after mes got my pills.  It helps to calm mes down after fighting with the humans in the pill battle.  Since then, the Mom gotted me these YUMMY pills to take instead (Mom here: the pills are medi melts - they taste like chicken and liver and make giving Carmine his Prednisone a LOT easier!).

Then one day, the Mom noticed my pickle was missing, so hers went to find where it gotted losted.  The Mom's friend found it under the coffee table.

Now me has rediscovered the joy of the catnip pickle!  Me has been attacking it and playing with it a lot these past few days!  Mes loves it!

What is your favoritest toy right now?  Please share with mes in the comments, okay?

P.S. Sorry for the picture quality. It's hard to get non-blurry photos when Carmine is in so much motion!


  1. We love your catnip pickle and bet it smells lovely and we're pleased to hear you are taking your pills better as you get to play with it after you've had it. Our fav toys are a catnip banana and a catnip cigar which we won for guessing the date when the snow would all be gone on Darling Millie's blog.

  2. We've got a pickle too and we give it lots of bunnykicks! We're glad you like your medicine, Carmine. Ernie takes medicine and his is a yummy chicken treat. He loves it.

  3. We have never had a catnip pickle! We like our nip banana, though, and foam balls.

  4. Hiya Carmine, that pickle is totally pawesome my furriend! Does it get catnip spray on it too? .... cause that would be even more wonderpurr! MOL

    Happy Monday

    Bestest purrs

    Basil xox

  5. That looks like a fun pickle, Carmine! We have lots of favourite toys including pipe cleaners, lizard tails and anything that moves!

    The Chans

  6. We've been wanting one of those tickle pickles. Maybe we'll swipe the Mommy's little plastic card and order ourselves one. MOL!

    Glad to hear you like your pills more.

    Happy Monday!

  7. I am glad your pickle has been found Carmine! I love those little fuzzy white mice best!

  8. The catnip banana is a popular item here. And the Yeow brand catnip fish is also loved.

  9. Those Tickle Pickle toys are BIG hits around here!

  10. dood....mine iz me bloo rug....eye noe itz knot a toy but eye love ta fite it....all most everee day !!!

    eye used ta like ta fite de kitchen rug but de food serviss gurl terned it this way >>>> sew now its knot sew easzee two fite.....


    tuna of moon

  11. Hmm, that pickle looks like fun. I have a basket full of toys but hardly ever play with any of them. My favorite used to be the Niko Fly, but now I'm getting tired of that too and M said she's at a loss as to what to even buy cuz I don't seem to like anything she brings home.

  12. Dood! We hear nip pickles are ALL the Rage!! (of course *we* don't have one... *glares at mommy*)

  13. Hi Carmine
    I have this nice nip pillow that is shaped like a paw.
    Dad threw out my old nip licking pillow and I am still a bit mad over that.