Monday, June 2, 2014

Mancat Monday: Carmine Update

Carmine: I love my Yeoww! banana!  

Hi Kitties!

The Mom took me to the stabby place (the vet) again on Friday.  Hers took me on the bus and this thing called the Light Rail instead of how we normally go by paratransit.  Me enjoyed looking out the window and at all the people in the bus, but me was still very nervous while out.  

When we got to the stabby place, the doctor weighed mes.  Everybody gotted really happy when I got on the scale.  The Mom said that I am a good boy, and the doctor said mes did a good job.  I don't know what all the excitement was about, so I'm going to let the Mom explain nows.

Mom here: We were all happy, Carmine, because your weight stayed stable!  It is a very good thing, and it means you must be feeling better :)  

Carmine's weight stayed at 9 pounds, 12 ounces.  We all think this is a good, healthy weight for him, so we are trying to back off on the appetite stimulants a little.  He still needs them two or three times a week, but we are cutting his pills into eighths so he doesn't get quite so hungry, but he will want his noms.  

The vet decided that we should keep Carmine on the 1/2 tab of Prednisone twice a day, and we may eventually try to taper down to a smaller dose.  At this point, we are going to try to decrease Carmine's B12 injections from every two weeks to once a month to see how he does with that.  

Carmine, that means not going to the stabby place as much as you have been!

Carmine: That's the best news mes has heard in a long time!


  1. This is great news. Very happy for you and Carmine.

  2. Carmine you handsome boy, I am so happy to read the great news. xxoo

  3. Way to go Carmine, that is wonderful news!

  4. Awesome vet report! This is great news, and we hope that the vet visits will become far less frequent.

    Purrs and hugs.

  5. This made our Monday even better.
    Great work, Carmine.
    We are so happy you don't have to go to the stabby place as often!


  6. Hurray for good news! Carmine, I am sending you lots of happy purrs!

    Luff Mungo

  7. Paws up, Carmine! That is all great news!

  8. Oh, that's wonderful news. Hope you enjoyed our birthday pawty.

  9. What a relief for you and Carmine!
    We're celebrating your good news.

  10. We agree! Keep it up, you are doing great! We love the good news!

  11. dood !! thatz de best mews we haz hurd ina while two !!! way happee for ewe..keep up de grate health !!!

  12. Hooray!! We are so happy for you, Carmine! Glad you are feeling better. Such wonderful news.

  13. Carmine, you just made your mommy (and lots of other mommies, like mine) very very happy you are doing lots better!

  14. Carmine that is the BEST mews ever! So happy for you! I am super impressed that you rode the stabby place on a bus too! Wow you are brave! If it makes you feel any better, I just started yet another round of Pred myself....I am having allergies again. Love, Cody