Thursday, September 11, 2014

Blue Buffalo Tender Turkey Kitty Yums Review

We were thrilled to receive some Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums - Tender Turkey to review from

These treats contain real turkey as their first ingredient.  They also contain oatmeal, brown rice, and fish oil.  There is no chicken or poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat, or soy in Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums.

Quarter is for size reference.

The treats are bite-sized and only contain two calories per bit.  If turkey isn't your cat's favorite meat, you can also get Kitty Yums in Savory Salmon, Tasty Beef, Seafood Sensation, Tasty Chicken, and Tempting Tuna. 

So, what did Carmine and Milita think?

Carmine gobbled up his first treat!  He played with his second treat in the box for a few minutes before actually eating it.  After that, he enthusiastically ate a few more.  I think it's safe to say that Carmine really enjoyed the turkey Kitty Yums.

Milita took one sniff of her treat and walked away.  I'm not at all surprised, though.  Milita is incredibly picky about what treats she'll eat. 

Carmine gives the treats 4 paws up while Milita gives 0 paws up.  

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to review these treats, Chewy!

FTC Disclosure: We received a bag of Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums - Tender Turkey in exchange for our honest review.  This did not change our opinions in any way.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% our own. 


  1. I'll eat anything - I bet I would love this!

  2. I am going to have to pick some of the chicken flavor up for my kitties.

  3. So cool! We got to review the flavors tuna and salmon. I just haven't reviewed them yet! Thanks for the cool review.

  4. Hmmm, wonder if we would be paws up or down...we can be so choosy, MOL!

  5. Sounds like more for Carmine. I am a picky eater too so probably wouldn't eat them.

  6. Good yum Carmine! Sister Dolly hardly ever eats any treats, gomfigure!

  7. Good review.
    I just saw your comment about Jewel on Marg's blog. Sending sympathy - we know how hard it is to recover from that kind of loss.

  8. Them awe sum pawsum tweats. But like Milita me sumtimes won't eat 'em eevew. But sis Lexi gobbles 'em down evewy time. :)

    Luv ya'