Monday, March 23, 2015

Milita Monday?

Since Carmine is having a snack, I thought this was the perfect time to sneak onto the blog and let everyone know how I am doing.

Last week, the Mom took me to the Stabby Place again.  I sang the whole way there in the car to entertain the Mom, D, and our friend A, who so kindly gave us a ride.  Dr. Stabby's helper wanted me to come back right away.  The Mom and D went back to the dreaded "back room" with me.  They did not ask; they just went because they know what I need - my people!!

They took my urine while the Mom and D petted my head, and I did not make one peep - not even a hiss.  The Mom told me what a good Lita I am, but she didn't need to do that.  I know I am a good kitty!

Some discussion ensued, and it was revealed that I had cried once after having a poo, so Dr. Stabby wanted to express my anal glands.  Now Carmine has told me about this before because he gets his done every three months, and it did not sound like fun, so I did not like the sound of that!!  The Mom told them they could go ahead and do that, and I was not happy with her.  I started to growl until I could see my favorite person, D.  Then I was fine, even though it still was not fun!

Dr. Stabby finally left me alone and talked with the Mom for a bit.  They decided I would start to eat all of Carmine's prescription diet instead of just his kibbles.  So now I eat the urinary tract diet like my brother.  Let me tell you, it is pretty good stuff!  I like it a lot.

The day after I got home (two days after they stopped squirting me with those awful-tasting pain meds), I started crying again after I used the litterbox.  So the Mom had to get me more pain medication.  I am not happy about that; it is so disgusting!  When the Mom tries to pick me up for a hug, I will usually run under her dresser in case it's time for another squirt of medicine!

Carmine: Milita, what are you doing on the blog?  Don't you know that today is Mancat Monday?

Milita; Yeah, but you were having a snack, and everybody wants to know how I am doing.

Carmine: is Mancat Monday, so I think I will take it from here.

The Mom told us that hers is still going to try to find us a new Stabby Place to visit.  Mes and Lita tried to tell her that it was not necessary.  Hers could just not take us to any Stabby Place, but hers says that, "That is not an option."  Mrrrr....


  1. Milita, we're glad that your vet visit went a little better this time. We purr that you start feeling better. We don't like taking yucky medicines either.

  2. We're glad you have got some other food to eat Milita.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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  4. Hey sweet girl, Mom is determined to figure it all out for you so give her a helping paw.

  5. hope you all feel tip top soon,xx Speedy

  6. Sending lots of purrs that you feel better, Lita and that Carmine okays you to update us whenever, even on Mancat Monday! Brothers....

  7. I'm glad your human and your friend accompanied you for your whole check up - I'm sure it was WAY less stressful for you. And I'm sending healing purrs your way.

  8. We're glad the other foods taste good. Sorry you still have to get the quirty meds but that's probably better than the pain, right?

    The Chans

  9. milita...sorree yur vizit two de place oh eeeeeevil wuz knot sew good, N frank lee we wood knot want R glandz eggs pressed either....


    we say if R glands wanna eggs press ther selves sum how...then go for it...they can even speek trout if they want...

    oh kay dum joke huh.... ~~~~~

    az all manee blessings oh st francis two ewe...we hope de new foodz werk in yur favor N we hope ya due knot knead mor medisin ♥♥♥

  10. We're sorry you have to take yucky meds ; we send you healing purrs, and hope you feel better very soon. Purrs

  11. Aww, hope you're feeling better soon. Ricky is on the same menu plan!

  12. We hope you feel better real soon!
    Sending you a big kitty kiss...

    Noodle and crew

  13. I'm still purring for you. We do hope you feel better soon and that you don't have to go back to the stabby place too often. It's no fun, I know.

  14. Sending tons and tons of purrs. Hope you will get to feeling lots better.

  15. Not fun having to take medication - this I know for sure! Sorry you're still not feeling super good though and we're hoping you have no more potty box issues...maybe the new food will help?!

    Hugs, Sammy

  16. I am glad this vet visit was better than the one before and hope you soon feel better. I try to hide from my mum too every time she wants to give me medication.

  17. Oh, I hope you feel better. One of my cats had urinary problems and now everyone's on the special food. She's much better now.
    --Purrs (and wags) from Life with Dogs and Cats

  18. Deer Milita you were so brave at thee Vet'ss. You sound allott like mee Aunty Nylablue who went to the 'Stabby Place' once a week fur 18 monthss....shee too eated thee Urinary kibble an meetss an liked it allott.
    Mee wll say sum 'Mee-ohmsss' fur you deer gurl.
    Carmine yur one handsum mankat. Pleese watch over yur Sisfur ok???
    Sinseerlee Purrince Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum

  19. Sorry you are still in pain and that you don't like the pain meds. I pray you get well soon.