Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Opt to Adopt Handsome David Draiman

David Draiman

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue
Denver, CO

Here I am with David at Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue.

If David looks familiar, it's because we have featured him before.  We cannot believe our sweet and loving friend is still looking for his forever home!

David is a very handsome orange mancat who enjoys getting attention.  He can be a little shy at first around new people, but he will come out of his shell if you give him a little time.  When I visited him last month, he gave me lots of headbonks!  The volunteer who was showing me around told me that David headbonks people when he likes them (awww!).  

David enjoys hanging out in high places, so he would love it if his new home had a kitty tree, shelves, or other fun high places to watch the world from.  He gets along with other cats and with children.  

David tested positive for FIV.  FIV+ cats can live as long as any other cat, and FIV can only be transmitted to other kitties through penetrating bite wounds.  FIV cannot be transmitted to humans or dogs.  

David is up-to-date on his vaccinations, neutered, and litter box trained.  Please visit this sweet mancat at Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue, located at 2390 S. Delaware St. in Denver, CO.  You can also call the shelter for more information about him at 303-744-6076.  David is much loved at the shelter, and I'm sure any volunteer or staff member would be more than happy to tell you all about him! 


  1. We hope David will soon be in a loving home.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. We sure wish someone would take that handsome boy home!

  3. What a sweetie!
    We hope he gets a home real soon...

    Noodle and crew

  4. How is a guy like David still available? Geez - he looks so perfect. Hoping he finds his forever home soon (where I know he'll bring lots of fun and joy)

  5. Sure hope David is adopted soon, poor guy! Shared.

  6. He has a lovely face. He looks a lot like Kitty Yumbum. I hope he soon gets his home.

  7. dood....ewe iz total lee kewl....we hope thiz time round yur for everz peepulz seez ewe...& we hope they iz on ther way two get ewe like rite now !!! best fishes ♥♥♥

  8. I hope he gets his forever home soon.

  9. Can't believe he hasn't been adopted yet. He is so handsome. Sharing.

  10. You know, he really is the most gorgeous boy ever! why the heck is he still there????

  11. He's such a beautiful cat! I would love to adopt him, but I live in Canada. Otherwise I happily would welcome him to our home. gorgeous guy - I hope he's found his forever home by now!!!