Friday, August 14, 2015

Torus Water Bowl Review

The Torus water bowl in the box it came in.
July was Pet Hydration Awareness Month, and I discussed how important keeping your cat hydrated is as well as ways in which you can encourage your kitty to drink more water.  Pet fountains are wonderful inventions, but not all cats like them.  Milita, for instance, much prefers to drink out of a bowl and never drinks from our fountains.  I love that fountains provide a constant source of fresh water and always worry about Milita having the freshest water possible to drink.  The Torus is a cool new water bowl that provides a source of fresh water for your cat or dog, much like fountains do.  

The Torus is comprised of two parts - a drinking well and a water storage area.  The bowl's walls store and protect water, and when in the unlocked position, water flows from the storage area to the drinking well, automatically replenishing your pet's water supply as she drinks.  The activated carbon in the bowl's replaceable filter reduces trace elements and flavors found in tap water.  

Another nice feature of the Torus is that its rubber feet and wide base prevent accidental spills.  I don't know if you're like me, but there are times I'll be busy in the kitchen and accidentally knock over Lita's water bowl.  I don't have to worry about knocking the Torus over, though.

Carmine sniffs the Torus water bowl.
The bowl is also insulated to help keep your pet's water cooler.  I have personally noticed that the Torus keeps water cooler than Milita's other water bowls.  Torus is made from Food Grade Polypropylene (plastic) and is not covered with BPA or any other substance.  

Though I do not travel with my cats, the Torus is a good water bowl to take on trips.  You can fill the bowl's reservoir and put the bowl's cap in the "lock" position to keep the water from entering the drinking well area.  When your pet needs a drink on the road, simply unlock the bowl and water will flow from the reservoir to the drinking well, giving your pet fresh water to consume.  

Features of the Torus water bowl include:

  • It auto-replenishes the water supply when in the unlocked position.
  • Prevents spills.
  • Has an ergonomic design.
  • Stores and protects water.
  • Is insulated to keep water cooler.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Filters water.
  • Made from food-grade plastic.
  • Comes in different sizes and colors.
  • Has a one-year warranty.
What Did Milita and Carmine Think?

Milita drinks from the Torus water bowl.
Carmine typically drinks from his fountains, but I have seen him use the Torus, too.  

As I stated earlier, Milita prefers to drink from a bowl rather than from a fountain.  I put the Torus near her favorite water bowl in the kitchen so she'd have a choice as to which one she wanted to drink from.  I've seen her choose to drink from the Torus bowl over the other water dish more times than not.  Obviously she really likes the new bowl!  

Our Torus holds two liters of water.  In my opinion, this size bowl would be best for dogs.  However, Torus is coming out with a one-liter bowl soon, which I think would be perfect for cats.  

If you have a cat who prefers to drink from a water dish rather than a fountain, I would definitely recommend the Torus.  

FTC Disclosure: We received a two-liter Torus water bowl free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  Receiving the free bowl did not influence my (or my cats') opinions in any way.  All opinion shared on Fur Everywhere are my (or my cats') own.  


  1. That does look like a cool water bowl! The mom likes how it has a rubber bottom so that we couldn't knock it around.

  2. I HAVE that bowl!!
    I won that bowl on a dog blog and I LOVE IT!!!
    No more pet fountains (which I HATE each and every one of them) for me!!
    We just reviewed this on Dakota's blog last week.
    This bowl is FABULOUS and so easy to use!!
    Your review was marvelous!
    Another feature I love is the water is clean and fresh when it comes out and you don't have stagnant sitting water.
    When I set ours up Cody was the first one to try it out.
    He insists on drinking out of Dakota's bowls!
    We will be getting the cat-sized one when it comes out this Fall.

  3. We just old school bowls and glasses of water that get refreshed often. If I want a cat to drink more, I'll just set my water glass down near them and they can't resist! This fancy bowl looks cool though!

  4. that is interesting. Tim reacts to plastic though and we wonder if he would with this or not....which is why we have big ceramic dishes for our water...

  5. That is very interesting. None of the cats here will use a fountain so this might be a lot more suitable for us!

  6. looks like a great addition to the facilities xx Speedy

  7. Dat's a purretty cool lookin' water bowl fur sure. Me luvs da fountains cuz me liked to dwink fwum da stweam, but this wuld be pawsum fur sissy who finks she needs to stir hers water and wash hers paws afur gettin'a dwink. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  8. That sounds very interesting ! That bowl looks great ! Purrs

  9. I agree with the Swiss Cats, that one sounds mighty interesting to us.

  10. Cool! I can't wait for the one-liter size to come out! Although I do admit, I love our pretty ceramic travel bowl with the Aby face on it.

  11. That looks like a fantastic bowl! We're going to check out their website.

  12. That's a fancy bowl, and it sounds like it has so many features that make it one we should check out!

  13. Glad they like it :) That is nice that it won't spill.

  14. That is a neat bowl!! Pun intended, MOL! We thingk dog-guy wuld love that, too:)

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