Monday, September 7, 2015

Mancat Monday

Carmine laying in his pink bed in front of the treadmill.Hi everyone, it's mes, Carmine!

Last week, the Mom made me see Dr. Stabby, and I was not amused.  Mes will tell you all about that in a minute, but first mes wants to announce the winners of our "Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much" book giveaway!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered out giveaway!  We appreciate it a lot.

And the lucky winners are....

Val S.


Tami G.

Congratulations!  Wes hopes you love the book as much as wes do!

Now mes will tell you about my trip to Dr. Stabby.

Mes had to go see Dr. Stabby for a few reasons.  First, mes get my anal glands expressed every three months.  Can yous see my face turning red from embarrassment?  That is not a pleasant process, but the Mom and Dr. Stabby say it is important because my anal glands don't work quite right.  

The second reason I had to see Dr. Stabby was because she and the Mom wanted to make sure mes has not developed any crystals in my urine.  See, the people at Friskies took my yummy Special Diet Urinary Tract canned foods off the market due to "a lack of sales."  So the Mom has been feeding me different wet food - mostly Natural Balance and Friskies.  Hers also feeds mes Pro Plan Urinary Tract wet and Royal Canin prescription SO canned as part of my rotation.  Mes gets really bored with one kind of food, so the Mom has to rotate the flavors and brands.  Mes still eats my prescription Royal Canin SO kibbles, too.  

The Mom has been keeping a very close eye on mes to make sure mes has no urine troubles, and mes hasn't.  When Dr. Stabby tried to get a sample of urine to test, though, mes had none.  Dr. Stabby said mes has to go back in two weeks so hers can get a urine sample from mes and told the Mom to pull my litter box several hours before my appointment so mes would have something in my bladder to get next time.  

Carmine and Milita laying on my bed together.
Finally, the Mom said hers thought mes was losing weight, and hers was right.  Mes lost four ounces.  Now mes weighs 10 pounds, 12 ounces.  Dr. Stabby and the Mom agree that this is not a bad weight for mes, but theys do not want this to become a trend like befores.  The Mom thinks my IBD is acting up again.  If my urine comes back fine, Dr. Stabby will likely raise my Prednisolone dose back to 5mg. again (mes is on 2.5mg. right nows).  

Wes also brought Lita with us to Dr. Stabby.  Hers came because the management was doing inspections on random apartments with the VOA people.  The management likes to stand with the door open to the apartment, and Lita would be the most likely to sneak out, so the Mom decided it was best to just take hers with us instead of risking hers escaping by accident.  

Dr. Stabby weighed Lita, and hers gained weight.  Hers is now 14 pounds.  Dr. Stabby and the Mom discussed how to get Lita to stop gaining so much weight.  Wes know the Prednisolone makes her hungrier than usual, so hers eats more.  Dr. Stabby suggested feeding Lita more wet noms and fewer kibbles.  So the Mom is now measuring out our kibbles and will ask Dr. Stabby when it is appropriate to reduce the number of kibbles wes gets.  

The Mom says it is a hard balance because Lita eats too much and mes doesn't eat enough.  Wes hope the plan Dr. Stabby and the Mom came up with will help Lita stop gaining weight.  Ideally, wes want Lita to lose a little weight.  

Wes hopes you all have a wonderful week!


  1. We sure hope that IBD doesn't mess with you too much Carmine. We're sending purrs for a darn good report on the bloodwork.

  2. That visit to the stabby place does not sound like fun, Carmine. We have our paws crossed for good results from your blood tests, and hope that Lita's weight can be managed with this new plan.

    Please tell your Mom that we got her email (and thanks!). Our dad will respond this week - promise! :)


    Moosey, Gracie and Zoe

  3. WE also hope for good news on the blood work. Glad everything else seems to be all right. You all have a great day.

  4. Meowllo handsum and ConCats to da winner. Have a pawsum day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  5. keeping paws crossed for you both,xx Speedy

  6. Carmine, we're sorry you hadta go to see Dr. Stabby. We sure hope your IBD isn't kicking up again. If're just gonna hafta kick it back down! Purring for you!

  7. I am purring that your urine test has good results. I make it easy for my mum to get a sample because when I am outdoors I like to stand up to pee. I always remember to squat indoors though. It makes life difficult when manufacturers stop certain foods. Two of my favourites have been discontinued and there is only one other that I like.

  8. Concatlations to the winners! Crossing our paws for you, Carmine...

  9. First, you look GORGEOUS! Next, DON'T lose any more weight if you can help it!

  10. With kitties, it really is all about balance! And with medical issues it is tough sometimes - my human always had problems trying to get Sparkle to eat while keeping Binga and Boodie from stealing her food. Paws crossed everything works out well for you, Carmine, and you show as crystal free in a couple of weeks!

  11. No visit to the vet is fun, but one that involves anal glands is even less fun. We are keeping our paws crossed that your urine test has good results, Carmine.

  12. Whoa! Lita weights much more than I do! Kibble will do that. TW lets me eat more kibble when she thinks I look like I lost weight.My anal glands know how to express themselves but sometimes the language is unprintable. MOL!

  13. that is a lot of stuff going on and we sure hope that Mom can find a balance. I always measure Cody's dry food....kibble isn't good for them. I give Cody pumpkin if I see things aren't "moving" the way they should.
    Sending purrs and prayers


  14. Congrats to the lucky winners. Sorry you both had to go to the vet. I hope you start to gain and Lita starts to lose a little.

  15. We are purring fur you both, and though Minko gets prednisolone, no help to get him hungry enough to eat on his own...

    Now start eating, Carmine, and Lita...well gals need diets, right? MOL!