Monday, October 26, 2015

Mancat Monday

Carmine in his carrier on the way to the vet.
Hi everyone, it's mes, Carmine!

Mes bets yous can guess where mes is going in my carrier.  That's right, the Mom made mes go see Dr. Stabby again.  

They wanted to check my weight since mes keeps losing.  The Mom put mes on the scale, and it said mes weighs 9 pounds, 14 ounces.  The Mom was NOT happy about that at all because mes lost 5 more ounces in the two weeks since mes saw Dr. Stabby.  

Dr. Stabby came in to feel my tummy, and mes kept trying to get away from hers!  Mes was not happy about something, but Dr. Stabby couldn't figure out what exactly.  Mes is usually a ragdoll at the Stabby Place so seeing mes trying to get away really worries the Mom.  

Now mes will let the Mom tell yous about what the plans are.  
The Mom here: Carmine's continued weight loss is very worrisome to me and our vet.  The higher dose of Prednisolone clearly did not help Carmine.  So we decided to lower his Pred dose back down to 5mg a day.  We will likely get him off of it all together and change him to Budesonide if he has lost any more weight this week.  He will go back tomorrow for another weight check.

Carmine laying down in his carrier in the vet's office.
The vet thinks it would be wise to get blood work with a GI panel done on Carmine as well as a tummy ultrasound.  These two things together are *very* expensive, and if we need to go that route, I am going to have to set up a fundraiser for Carmine as I don't have those kinds of funds at my disposal on my fixed income.  I think it would be wise to get these tests done, especially seeing as Carmine reacted when the vet was trying to feel his tummy.  I am really worried about him.

We are more or less starting from scratch again.  The vet gave me some Prozyme to put on Carmine's food to see if he might have Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, but since it didn't help the first time around (over a year ago), I'm not too hopeful that this will solve the problem.  The vet also wonders about pancreatitis, but she and I both think that if he had this, the Prednisolone would be helping him, so this is unlikely.

As some of you saw on Facebook yesterday, Carmine ate nearly all of his breakfast the other morning.  Carmine will eat a lot one day and then he'll hardly eat anything for the next several days, and the cycle repeats.  I don't understand why this is.

The vet FINALLY gave me permission to give Carmine Cyproheptadine for his appetite if we need to.  I need to go pick up his prescription at the store so we have it on hand for him.

Your continued purrs and prayers are much appreciated.  I will keep you updated on Carmine's condition.


  1. I definitely think an ultrasound is wise. Please set up a fundraiser page, I can't give much, but I will donate and spread the word.

  2. We sure hope the Vet figures out something and we sure understand the concern. We hope the cyproheptadine helps, it doesn't wonders for the appetite here.

  3. We hope the vet can figure out why Carmine continues to lose weight. Purrs for him.

  4. Here's hoping your vet will get something worked out for Carmine and it's going to help with the weight loss.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. I definitely sounds like an ultrasound is in order. There is absolutely nothing more frustrating than a cat losing weight and not eating and not being able to figure out why :( If only they could talk...

  6. Purring for dearest Carmine... that whatever is wrong will be figured out and he will eat better again. <3

  7. We sure send tons of purrs to you Carmine. Hope you can start gaining some weight.

  8. I'm sending lots of purrs to you, Carmine! It's so frustrating when the vet has a hard time diagnosing us kitties.

  9. Hope the vet figures out what's wrong and you gain some weight back soon, Carmine. Paws crossed for you!

  10. We was just gnna ask if hims be eatiin', but...sis Lexi duz dat sumtimes and me has been known to do dat on occasion. Usually meez purroblem is a hairball or constipation and relief and appetite return after relievin' meez selff of thes issues. Sis Lexi on da udder hand eever needs a little extwa SEB or pepcid. Weez sendin' purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  11. Carmine, I hope you start to feel better. PurrrRRRrrrs.

  12. we are sending purrs and prayers that the appetite stimulant will help and that Carmine's weight will inch up!

  13. Sending tons of purrs and prayers to Carmine. That US may be the way to find out what is going on. I am guessing you have had x-rays done already. We will help what we can with any fundraiser for our pal Carmine
    Timmy, Dad and Family

  14. Sending gentle headbutts, purrs, and prayers from Mom. We hope you find the answer soon.

  15. The vet is not often a fun place for cats to go... especially when they touch you where you hurt.