Friday, February 5, 2016

CatLadyBox Review

Carmine is curled up on a box with his new catnip drumstick from Housecat Club.
All the way back in November, I received a CatLadyBox to review.  I got a little behind during the holidays, and that's why I'm only getting to it now.

What is CatLadyBox?

There are lots of subscription boxes for cats and dogs, but CatLadyBox is the first subscription box for cat ladies themselves!  Each month, you receive a box of awesome cat-themed items, which can include jewelry, mugs, T-shirts, office or home decor, art, books, accessories, and limited-edition items.  

CatLadyBox's mission is to change the "crazy cat lady" stereotype.  Cat ladies are beautiful, compassionate, intelligent, fun, and successful women.  With CatLadyBox's unique cat-themed items, cat ladies can show the world how awesome being a cat parent is.  

About Dorian Wagner

Dorian Wagner founded CatLadyBox, and she is one amazing woman!  Six years ago, Dorian founded Your Daily Cute, a blog featuring adorable cat videos.  A year later, she began the Santa Paws Drive, which is an annual treat and toy drive for animal shelters.  Next, she started the Cute Transport Network, a network of volunteers who drive cats to no-kill shelters and new homes all over the country.  Most recently, she founded CatLadyBox.

Our CatLadyBox

CatLadyBox collage: Two photos of the CatLadyBox after it has just been opened, a photo of the Cats Are my Bag tote bag, and a photo of a leopard-print watch.
I was so excited when I received my CatLadyBox in the mail!  I love getting surprises, and knowing that this box contained cat-themed surprises was even better.  Of course Carmine had to give it his paw of approval before he allowed me to open it.  

Everything came nicely packaged as you can see in the top two photos of our collage.  

What came in my CatLadyBox:

Leopard Cat Watch: The leopard cat watch is an adorable cat accessory.  The watch features a stainless steel case, gold-toned hardware, and quartz movement.  It is water-resistant, not water-proof, so it's receomended that you not dunk this watch in water.  You can find the watch at The Tiniest Tiger Studios.  I love the adorable cat face on this watch.  

Cat Outline Keychain by the Emporium: The adorable cat keychain is made of vinyl and contains a split ring.  It holds up to normal wear and tear.  Each keychain is made by hand by Britany, The Emporium's owner.

Black cat keychain.
Cats Are My Bag Tote by Xenotes: This black canvas tote bag features the words, "Cats are my Bag," in gold sparkly letters.  Each bag is screen-printed in Philadelphia at Xenotes.  I use my tote all the time - I take it with me nearly every time I go out!  

I received the Crazy CatLadyBox, so my box contained two additional items for my kitties!

Catnip Drumstick by Housecat Club: Each drumstick is hand-sewn, made with 100% recycled materials, is vegan, and is stuffed with organic catnip.  Carmine enjoys catnip, but it is Milita that really goes nuts for the drumstick!  It's so adorable to watch her find it where she's last left it and rediscovers how much she loves it.

Cloud 9 Cat Treats: Cloud 9 treats are high in protein, low in calories, and grain-free.  They contain no by-products, preservatives, or fillers.

Cloud 9 treats

How Can I Get a CatLadyBox?

You can subscribe to CatLadyBox by visiting the CatLadyBox website.  Regular CatLadyBoxes start at $31.33 a month, and Crazy CatLadyBoxes start at $36 a month.  Boxes ship for free in the United States and for $6.95 per box outside the 48 contiguous states or to Canada.  A $12.95 per box shipping fee is applied to orders to the UK.  You can cancel or change your subscription plan at any time.  The boxes also make great gifts for your cat-loving friends!

Five percent of the proceeds from CatLadyBox are donated to cat rescues.

You can find CatLadyBox on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.  

FTC Disclosure: I received a Crazy CatLadyBox for a fair and honest review.  Receiving the box did not influence my (or my cats') opinions in any way.  All opinions expressed on Fur Everywhere are my (and my cats') own.  


  1. We loved our CatLadyBox!! Thanks for the reminder -- I need to get my review done!

  2. Wish the Mom could afford a cat lady box... cause then I woulds get the box... -Lil Bear who claims all boxes.

    Katie Ann Kitty Too wants to say that it am the Mom's 55th birthday today and everypawdy am invited for a week long birthday celebration!

  3. What a fun collection!
    I bet Dorian enjoys shopping for the contents too.

  4. We love the Cat Lady Box here too! Plus, the box!

  5. I keep meaning to subscribe to CatLadyBox, but somehow haven't managed to do so yet. I really need to remedy that, because they look like such treats! Purrs!

  6. That is one darn cool box of goodies!!!

  7. That is a great box, love that watch.

  8. That is some cool stuff! Plus you get the box...

    Noodle and crew

  9. The mom loved everything about the CatLadyBox she got to try. What a great idea!

  10. Pawsome Catlady Box!!

    We saw Brody back further,and we sure hope he gets the best home, he sure deserves it.

    Hope Milita is not diabetic.

    We are really behind so we are trying to 'slim down' our comments, MOL!

  11. We hope they make a cat guy box soon so Dad can join in on the fun