Thursday, June 30, 2016

Friendly Fill-ins

We are still alive.  The Mom has just been concentrating on other writing assignments.  We apologize for not being able to visit all of our wonderful friends much lately.

Today we are participating in Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by McGuffy's Reader and 15andmeowing.

Here are this week's statements.

Friendly Fill-In Statements: Week 8

My answers are in bold. 

1. I never thought I would miss  school, but I do. 

2. Every 4th of July 
I enjoy watching fireworks.

3. If I knew how to cook well, I would make delicious meals and share them with friends.

4. I have trouble waking up in the morning!

We plan to participate in Caturday Art tomorrow, and we'll do our best to get around and visit everyone more regularly again. 


  1. Hello! I haven't been able to get around as much either. I never thought I'd miss school either, but I miss the learning structure and the classroom discussions.

  2. I agree with every one of your fill-ins! I learned to cook a little bit back when I was a girl, but the preparing, shopping...all that part throws me for a loop!

  3. Those were goood and I would most gladly send you our fireworks!

  4. fishes two yur mom on her writing projectz !!! N frank lee, speekin for catz everee onlee thing we miss BOUT skewl iz....lunch brake ☺☺☺

    heerz two a flagfin happee 4th kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  5. Excellent fill-ins!!

    Mindy & Mike

  6. Thank you for taking the time to participate in the fill-ins, I know you have been busy. Great answers. I have trouble getting up in the morning too. Hope you have a nice 4th!

  7. Great fill in answers. Hope the writing assignments are going well.

  8. We've been busy, too! Love your fill-in answers!

  9. We have been a bit AWOL, too...your fillins are interesting!

  10. Mew mew mew grate anwerss Lady Sierra!! Mee LadyMum iss not too sparky ferst fing either!!! An shee misses College all so...shee syass shee could have been a purr-feshional student!!!! Mew mew mew.....
    ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx