Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tabby Tuesday with Some Good News from Milita

Lita in her heated bed.

Hi everyone, it's me, Lita today.  I know you missed me, right?  

It has been very crazy around here the past six weeks.  The Mom had been waiting on various waiting lists for housing for three years, and her name finally got to the top of a list.  Everything happened very fast after that.  The Mom put her 30-day notice in at our old place and started packing us up to move.  Carmine had a nasty pancreatitis flare because he got all stressed out from the packing.  Then we moved - ON MY 14TH BIRTHDAY!  What a present......MOL.  

We did really well with the actual moving.  It was the packing that stressed us out a lot more than actually coming to our new place.  I hid for most of the first night, but I am quite happy now.  

And do you know what?!

I have only had TWO ASTHMA ATTACKS since we moved here over two weeks ago!!  I was having asthma attacks at least once a day at our old place.  

The Mom said she knew the old building was making me very sick, but she still didn't expect this much of a dramatic difference in my breathing.  The Mom thinks that the spray they used to kill pests at the old place was partly to blame for all the problems, but she also thinks there are other things going on in the building that make it unhealthy - but she doesn't know what, exactly.  All she knows is that we have been sprayed here, too, to deal with the stragglers that followed us here, and I haven't coughed even once since we got sprayed.  The Mom says she feels better, too.  She isn't having those nasty sinus headaches all the time, and she's not reaching for a tissue every five minutes anymore.  

We won't say where we used to live, but the whole building is severely infested with bed bugs and roaches.  The Mom is sad for the friends she left behind and for our furry friends who still live there.  There is a Pug there the Mom loves who has developed asthma like me.  And another woofie who has some pretty serious allergies and some other unknown issues going on.  The Mom worries about the fur babies in that place.  

The Mom had to throw out a LOT of our stuffs, including most of our furniture because of the severe pest infestation at the old place.  We know that some stragglers followed us here, but she is confident that they can get rid of those who tagged along here.  

Lita on my bed.

The Mom is a little sad about all the stuff she had to throw out, but she says, "stuff can be replaced," but I cannot be replaced!  She's right.  I am a one-of-a-kind Meezer!  

We are living in a MUCH smaller place now.  So if you have any storage/organization ideas, please let the Mom know.  She says she can barely turn around in here right now.  She finally started using a cup with a lid -- it only took her kicking her drink over 10 times before she got the bright idea.  I swear, humans can be so dense sometimes.  

The Mom says it is amazing what a difference an environment can make.  Things are even more financially tight than they were before (the old place was giving some sort of discount this place doesn't, so our rent went up), but the Mom says she feels more positive about everything.  One of the nice things about our new place is that they will deduct all of my and Carmine's medical expenses at the Mom's recertification in a year, which will reduce her income and lower our rent.  She gets to do this because we are her emotional support animals.  Isn't that cool?

We are in desperate need of some storage things.  The Mom has found some at Wal-Mart.  She just needs to rummage up some more work to make some more green papers to start getting them.  

If you are so inclined, you can check out our Amazon wish list for some of the stuff we need.  A few of our friends have already sent us a few things or gift cards.  We don't know if they want to be called out, so we will just say that we appreciate you more than words could ever express!  We are blessed to have such caring and loving friends. <3 font="" nbsp="">

That orange one will be by to update you all soon on some other things.  I heard a rumor that he will be going to the vet next week.  As long as there are no rumors about me going to the vet, I am a happy Meezer!  In fact.....the rumor I heard about me is that the Mom is thinking about asking the vet if I can reduce my inhaler dose (they had bumped me up at the old place because my breathing was so terrible).  Those are the kind of rumors I like to hear! 


  1. I'm so happy that your asthma has gotten SO much better at the new place! The old apartment sounds like it was awfully toxic, and it is a good thing the three of you got out of there, even if the new place is smaller.

  2. Your asthma is clearing up? Wow now I suspect Mum will sacrifice some space to be happy with you healthier.

    I remember once a colleague was very tidy as she had a small space. We don't to tidy but maybe you do. Shelves, boxes, and only keeping stuff you need or love.

  3. Yay! We're so glad you're feeling better. Tell your mom to watch organization videos on YouTube. It's really helped our mom and she's on a declutter and organization Frenzy.

  4. Milita, this makes us very happy to know you're doing so much better in your new home. We're sure all of you will adjust to the smaller space.

  5. Lita, we are so happy you are doing better and have had less asthma attacks. We are glad you and Carmine have settled in nicely.

  6. So happy the move went well and that you are in a much better place! Love Lola's suggestion about watching organization videos......I am sure searches will turn up a wealth of info. Wish we could help from your "wish" list but our own financial situation hasn't been good. I have been looking for part time work for MONTHS (primarily work from home, writing, etc.) and can't find anything. Would love to help if we could. catchatwithcarenandcody

  7. We are so very happy that your asthma attacks have diminished at your new home! That is the best news ever! Hugs to all of you!

  8. Great news that you are settling in to a new place and everybody's health seems to be improving!

  9. Just thinking about packing up and moving makes me get heart palpitations, Lita...and I'm a hooman! Can only imagine how bizarre it must have felt for you kitties. However, if you are feeling better already...yay!

    1. And I've nominated you!

  10. Lita, it makes us so happy that you are so happy! We are so glad your asthma has improved at your new home. You, Carmine, and your mom are all so lucky to have each other.

  11. I am very happy that you are feeling much better and your Mom is too. XO

  12. We are very happy to hear that you and your mom are feeling better in your new place. We're sure you'll get used to a smaller space. Purrs

  13. So glad your asthma & Mom's headaches are so much better - hope Carmine gets better once things are settled in ! Purrayers & POTP for you all!

  14. Such great news everyone is feeling better in your new place!

  15. Lita, we are so glad you are able to breath better. We wonder if they had mold at the old place. Anyway we are so happy all of you are in a better environment.

  16. That is good mews indeed to hear o asthma is s much better.

    Soon your new pawlace will be not just a new pawlace, but a home!

  17. That's great news, Lita. We're so glad you're doing so much better, and that you, Mom and Carmine are settling in so well. :)

  18. WOO HOO Milita!!! Yur Assmah has calmed down an Lady Sierra iss feelin better! An Carmine iss hopefulee over thee Pancreatitis now. UGH Bee Bugss are just icky! LadyMum told mee shee had them inn 2009 an shee an Aunty Nylablue had to throw out a love seat an clothes. Mee say a foto of a cockroach an mee all most lost mee tuna! They are even icker than earwigss....wee have stew=pid earwigss! Mee an LadyMum hope youss' get rid of any 'stragglerss' quik an can enjoy yur new place!
    An Milita Happy 14th Birthday deer gurl. You aRE one of a kind fur sure!
    ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  19. It's so great, Lita, that you are doing so much better with your asthma since moving to your new place! I'm glad your move went well.