Monday, December 4, 2017

Mancat Monday

Carmine hangs out on a pink fleece cat blanket.Hi everyone, it's mes, Carmine!

Wes is sorry wes has not been posting or visiting much lately.  The Mom has been preoccupied with Litas lately.  As many of yous knows, Litas has not been doing well for some time nows.  

Hers is going to the vet today.  The Mom and mes is quite worried about hers.  The Mom says hers has lost a lot of weight, and hers is almost as light as mes now.  Hers was not eating well theres for a little whiles.  Hers is eating more nows, but the Mom would still like it if hers ated more so hers could regain some of the losted weight.

Litas has still been coughing a lot.  It makes the Mom sad, and mes doesn't like to see the Mom sad or Litas not doing well.  

Mes is trying to be a good brother.  Mes bugs the Mom a lots for noms so mes and Litas gets lots of meals and snacks.  Mes also lays by Litas a lot to try and comfort hers.  Hers doesn't always like that, though.  

Carmine tries to comfort Lita by laying near her on the bed.
The Mom says there is no way for the vets to tell what is going on with Litas exactly without a special test called a bronchial wash.  This test costs $1500 and may not even give thems a definitive diagnosis.  Dr. M also told the Mom over a year ago that Litas probably would not even survive the test, and hers lungs were in better shape thens than theys is nows.  So Litas will not be having that test.  

Wes hope the vet can provide some kind of direction tomorrows.  Wes really wants Litas to feel better!  

Wes is not ready to discuss the possible diagnoses heres yet, but some of the possibilities are much scarier than others.  

Wes will keep yous all posted.  Please send purrs and prayers for my sisfur, okay?  

Purrs and prayers for Lita badge.


  1. We are purraying and purring very hard for Lita and hope the doctor can help her.

  2. It sure is nice. to see you Carmine. We are all sending our best purrs and lots of prayers for dear Lita and many hugs for your Mom.

  3. Carmine, you are a wonderful kitty brofur, and we are all sending hugs and purrs.

  4. You are a good brother, Carmine. I am sending lots of good thoughts for Lita.

  5. I'm sending Lita lots and lots of purrs - my human and I have been following what is going on with her on Facebook and we are very sad about how poorly she has been lately.

  6. Purrayers and POTP for Lita - Carmine, you are a great brother !

  7. You're such a big and brave mancat taking care of your ladies, Carmine!

  8. Tell your Mom not to worry about visiting, we know she is worried about Lita. We are worried too and praying for her. You are a wonderful brother. XO

  9. Carmine you are so sweet to your sisfur.
    I am purring and pawyering hard fur her, too.

  10. Mee iss sendin tri-pull POTP to sweet Milita!!! Shee iss such a deer gurl. Lady Sierra if wee has more $money$ wee wood give you sum fur testss, butt fingss have been ruff here.... sumtimess beein poor iss just no fun rite???
    An Carmine yur a pawsum big Brofur!
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx