Tuesday, January 23, 2018

25 Facts About Carmine and Milita

We've seen this on a few of our friends' blogs, so we thought we'd give it a go, too.

1. Where is your cell phone? 
Lita: Who needs electronics when you have a Meezer around?
Carmine: Mes was just sitting on the Mom's phone.

2. Your hair? 

Lita: Gray (and brown now) with dark gray stripy Meezer points.
Carmine: Mes has handsome orange furs.

3. Your dad?

Lita: I don't know where my biological dad is.
Carmine: Mes doesn't know.

4. Your mom? 

Lita: My biological mom lived in Indiana with one of the mom's dad's friends.  She is probably at the Bridge now.
Carmine: Mes doesn't knows. Mes human mom is the bestest.

5. Your favorite food? 

Lita: Chicken!
Carmine: Ham!  And since Litas doesn't like ham, there's always more for mes!

6. Your dream last night? 

Lita: I dreamed I was eating a feast of fish and mousies.
Carmine: Mes dreamed mes had a sun puddle as big as the whole world, and it was all mine.

7. Your favorite drink?

Lita: /tuna juice, but the Mom won't let us have that.  Something about crystals... My second favorite is chicken gravy (the kind they put in those canned noms I like so much).
Carmine: Mes likes water from my fountain, but mes also like the canned noms gravies.

8. Fear? 
Lita: Car trips because they usually lead to the vet!
Carmine: The vet.  The scary vacuum monster.

9. Favorite shoes?

Lita: My stripy gray feet are pretty cool.
Carmine: Mes doesn't wear shoes, MOL!

10. Favorite way to relax? 
Lita: Sleeping by the Mom.
Carmine: Curling up in my warm bed or in my tree.

11. Your mood? 

Lita: Relaxed.
Carmine: Sleepy with a nice full tummy.

12. Your home away from home? 

Lita: I'm a homebody. I like to stay right here at home.
Carmine: Mes loves my home.

13. Where were you last night? bed
Lita: In the Mom's my bed.
Carmine: Mes likes to wander around - on the Mom's pillow, in my tree, in the pink cube.

14. Something that you aren't? 

Lita: Aloof.
Carmine: Mes isn't quiet; mes loves to talk.

15. Muffins? 

Lita: Who wants a muffin when you can eat meat?
Carmine: Is it ham flavored?

16. Wish list item?

Lita: Some lungs that worked better.
Carmine: A kitty friend to snuggle with. Litas doesn't like mes to snuggle up to hers.

17. Where you grew up?

Lita: I spent my first year in Indiana and then moved to Colorado with the Mom.
Carmine: Mes grew up here in Colorado in my forever home with the Mom and Litas.

18. Last thing you did? 

Lita: Eat.
Carmine: Eat!

19. Favorite thing to do?

Lita: Sleep.
Carmine: Be with the humans. 

20. Your TV? 

Lita: Unless Meerkat Manor is on, it's a ruckus. 
Carmine: Mes loves to watch cat TV in the window.

21. Your pets?

Lita: The humans. 
Carmine: Mes like pets on the head and neck. 

22. Friends? 

Lita: We have a lot of wonderful kitty and human friends! We are quite blessed.
Carmine: Mes agrees with Litas!

23. Your life? 
Lita: I love indoor life in my forever home with the Mom.
Carmine: Purrfect.

24. Missing someone? 
Lita: No, my favorite person is here with me!
Carmine: Mes misses Jewel.

25. Something that you are? 

Lita: Beautiful, intelligent, opinionated.
Carminne: Friendly, social, loving. 

We would love to see your answers - we love learning about our friends!


  1. It was awesome learning more about both of you!

  2. Those were fun gang and we hope you all have a good day!

  3. 21. Your pets?
    Lita: The humans.
    Carmine: Mes like pets on the head and neck.
    LOL! Hilarious!

  4. Nice to learn more about you. I wish you could have lungs that worked better too sweet Lita. XO

  5. How fun! We learned more about you two.