Monday, January 22, 2018

National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day

Today is Answer Your Cat's Questions Day, and I believe Carmine and Lita have a few questions for me.

Carmine laying on my laptop.

Carmine: Mes wants to know why yous is always poking at this thing instead of napping on it like mes?  These things is made for sleeps, you know.

Me: I'm always poking at this thing, Carmine, because I am writing articles and blog posts for other people who give me green papers in exchange for them.  These green papers help cover your and Lita's medications and doctor bills.

Carmine: If it helps, mes and Lita wouldn't mind skipping the doctor....

Me: I'm afraid not, Carmine.  Seeing the doctor is very important to help keep you healthy.  Nice try, though.

Lita on my bed.

Lita: Tell me again - why did you bring that orange one home so many years ago?  He's awfully annoying sometimes...

Me: I thought you might like a feline friend years ago when I was spending so much time away from home between graduate school classes and my internship.  He's not all that bad, right?

Lita: I guess not, but don't tell him I said that!  He just has too much energy sometimes, and these old bones of mine like to rest. 


  1. I'm glad your human had some answers for you two! My human also answered a question from Carmine.

  2. We've wondered some of these same things too.

  3. Carmine, Manny and Chili Bruce will sit on anything that we humans are interested in, but they haven't sat on my laptop yet. Guess it's only a matter of time...

  4. Nice questions, and nice answers ! Purrs

  5. I wonder bout da computer thing too.

  6. Very good questions and great answers. XO

  7. I don't think she was being completely honest with you guys, not that any human is.

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