Wednesday, January 3, 2018

An Update from Milita

Lita lays on my cat pajamas on my bed.
Hi everyone, it's me, Lita, today.  I thought you might like to hear from me personally since it's been a while.

Thank you all so much for supporting me.  Thank you for your donations, purrs, prayers, love, hugs, and headbonks for me.  Thank you for supporting the Mom and Carmine, too.  Me being so ill has been incredibly hard on the Mom, and she has leaky eyes a lot lately.  

If you haven't donated to my end-of-life expenses and want to, you can do so HERE.  You are welcome to share my fundraiser with others, too, if you like.  We appreciate the support so much!  All funds raised will go to making me comfortable and to my end-of-life expenses.  

Now for an update on how I'm doing.

I had a few good days last week.  I was social, and I ate some.  The past couple of days have been rough, though.  I am still eating some, but I am not feeling very well.  I hide in the condo on the cat tree a lot.  

The other day, I even chose to lay by the orange one - I only do that when I feel really bad.  I guess the orange one can be comforting when I really don't feel well, but don't tell him that or he'll harass me even more than he already does when I don't want him in my space.

The Mom finds it a struggle to get me to eat, so I get to eat anything I want!  She feeds me a/d, canned foods with lots of gravy, turkey, chicken....even KITTEN CHOW!!!  The Mom says it is more important that I eat than for me to eat the "right" stuff.  

Carmine and Lita with an empty plate. It had Kitten Chow on it.

Carmine is benefiting from my lack of appetite.  He gets very upset if the Mom gives me Kitten Chow, and he doesn't get any.  He gets so wound up that he will shove me out of the way and eat MY kibble!  So the Mom has to give him his own little pile so he'll let me eat as much as I want in peace.

Even though I am not all that hungry anymore, I am still not ready to go yet.  You kitties know that I will tell the Mom when I am ready to make my journey.  The Mom is pretty in tune with me and Carmine, but she had a couple of friends come and visit me to make sure that she isn't missing anything.  She knows they would tell her if they thought I was ready to go, but they say that I am not ready to go.  

I get tired easily these days, so I am going to rest now.  Thank you for all of the wonderful support you have given us in this difficult time.


  1. Lita, we are purring tons for you and hope you still have good days ahead of you.

  2. Sweet sister, Angel brandi is wishing you a very soft passing, and Quinn lots of love for all of you.

  3. Awww, Melita, you are so much fun even when you are not feeling so good.

    I am sending my loudest purrs for you. You are a wise kitty lady ad you for sure will tell your Mom when you want to join up with all the angel kitties.

    Hugs and love to you all.

  4. Lita, we have leaky eyes over you too, and hope you are without pain and not suffering. Other than, of course, having your brofur too close to you. Hugs and purrs.

  5. Oh enjoy your delicious noms as much as you want Lita. <3

  6. I'm so glad to hear from you, Lita. I know how sick you are, but I am kind of happy you are not ready to go yet, because my human and I know how much your human loves you. I'm sending lots and lots of purrs your way, so you don't feel so sick.

  7. We send you and your humans tons of purrs. Purrs

  8. I am sending lots of love to you Lita, and to your mom too. The up and down days are so hard. When Flynn was feeling really bad I got my big fluffy dressing gown and made it into a nest on the bed. He could smell me on it and it seemed to comfort him. Maybe your mum could do something similar to see if it gives you comfort.

  9. We love you sweet Lita and we send hugs to you and Carmine and the Mom too. I'm so glad you are eating some, have a few bites for me please.

  10. oh, little Lita! our hearts hurt for you and your mom. eat lots, k? just so Carmine will stay out of your foods :) big purrs from all of us here.

    pip, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

  11. Lita we all love you and send you hurrs and prayers to have as many good days as you shall.
    We are sad as our Mr Buttons has Kidney failure and is also with not a lot of time
    Purrs from us all
    Timmy and Family