Thursday, January 4, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Carmine rubs his face on his new Yeowww butterfly.
Hi everyone, it's mes, Carmine!

Last week, the Mom went out with hers friend, S, and her daughter, E.  The Mom was really looking forward to finally meeting E in person since she does not live heres locally.  

Theys came upstairs when they gotted here to visit mes and Litas, but mes hidded under the bed!  Litas was braver and stayed out and let thems pet hers while the Mom held hers.  

The Mom's friend, D, stayed heres while the Mom wented out to the cat cafe with hers friends, so hims could keep an eye on Lita for hers.  Hims told the Mom that as soon as theys lefted, mes came out from under the bed and found the new toy S and E gotted mes and Lita!  

See it?

It's a Yeowww! butterfly!  Anyone who knows mes and Litas knows wes loves Yeowww!!  

Theys broughted TWO butterflies, even!  Theys must knows that mes and Litas fight over new Yeowww toys when there is only one of thems.  Isn't theys sweet?!

Theys broughted the Mom some cookies and chocolate.  Hers says theys is very good noms, but hers won't let mes or Lita try any, MOL.

Yous know where theys wented after the cat cafe?  The Mom gotted to see hers MANGO!!  Yous all remember Mango, don't yous?  The Mom is still in love with that fluffy gray kitty and wishes hers could come stay with us.  The Mom says Mango seemed to remember hers some - hers let the Mom pet hers and feed hers yummy treats.  The Mom says she didn't get any Mango kitty kisses, but hers was so happy to see Mango again.

So today wes is thankful for new toys and great friends!

Wes is joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop hosted by our good friends over at Brian's Home

Remember, you can still donate to Lita's end-of-life fund right HERE.   Thank yous all so much for your support!  

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  1. Oh, enjoy your toy! Happy Thursday, guys.

  2. How nice of your mom's friends to bring you such great gifts! Yeowww is the best! We're glad your mom got to see Mango too.

  3. Toys are wonderful and so are friends! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. Oh, what fun those toys must be, Carmine! And we bet your mom had a great time at the kitty cafe and then visiting beautiful Mango. What a wonderful day it must have been for all. Purrs and prayers to all of you!

  5. Those sound like great friends. I hope Lita was feeling well enough to enjoy her new yeoww too. XO

  6. Carmine, the lure of the new toy was just too much for you, hehehehe!

  7. Blessings for Lita, Carmine, and the Mom. Purrs and POTP.

  8. Enjoy your new toys ! They look like fun ! Purrs

  9. Whoo! Yeowww butterfles!?! I got a Yeowww Fish for Christmas and I LOVE it. I have chewed it to you chew yours to bits too!
    Mango is cute, but not as pretty as you!

  10. You and Lita sound like Kali and me. I hide while Kali sits out and listents to peeps chatting and gets petted and loved. She's a big cuddle bunny at the best of times.



  11. Those Yeowww toys are the best, aren't they? So glad your mom was able to enjoy some time with friends at the cat cafe. Caretakers need some "me" time too!

  12. What a cool gift - and even better that you kitties got TWO! I'm glad your human got to visit with Mango... I think Mango gave her a little bit of kitty therapy.

  13. That's such an awesome present, Carmine. And how nice that they brought one for you AND Lita. :)

  14. What thottful furendss youss' have Carmine! An iss OK you hid; iss sumtimess better to bee care full rite? Now when thee peepull come back you will know they are furendss.
    An wee fink Mango lookss like a cross bwtween Angel Jewel an Milita gurl....
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  15. We love Yeeoww too! Purrs you two
    Timmy and Family

  16. Yeowww is wonderful...ahhh....
    Nice that your Mom had such a good visit!