Thursday, July 26, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Lita in her heated bed.Hi everyone, it's Lita today.

First, I want to thank everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday on Sunday either here or on Facebook.  It was a good day. 

A week ago, the fire alarm went off here in our building.  The fire alarm hardly ever goes off here (unlike in our old building where it went off at least once a month), so the Mom and D scooped me and the orange one up and put us in our carriers and headed out.  

The Mom lost her concentration going down the stairs and ended up falling down a few of them.  She landed on the floor hard.  She is hoping she just sprained her left foot - it is the same foot she had to have surgery on to sew up ligaments and a tendon in 2010.  She also hurt her right knee.  

She was carrying the orange one when she fell, but he is okay.  D grabbed the orange one, and the Mom hobbled out of the building.  She said if nobody were there, she would have pushed the orange one's carrier and crawled out, MOL.  

Thankfully, the fire was a small kitchen fire and everybody and everything is fine.  That is what is most important!

The Mom's next door neighbor is a very nice older man who likes to help people in the building out whenever he can.  The Mom happened to run into him while hobbling to get her mail later that day, and the man helped her carry my new litter box upstairs, got her some ice for her foot, brought her popsicles, and went and got her an ace bandage from the store since she could barely walk.  

The Mom is still hurting quite a bit, but she says her knee is looking better - even though she still yells every time she bends or straightens it.  She is thankful that she did not get hurt worse and so am I.

Yes, you read right - the Mom got me a new litter box.  It has a three-inch opening at one end so it is not as hard for me to climb in and out of it.  The Mom takes very good care of little old me! 

We have a lot to be thankful for this week.  What are you thankful for today?  

We are joining Brian's Thankful Thursday blog hop today! 
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  1. Your poor Mom, we hope she doesn't hurt much longer. That's a good idea for a litter box that's easier to get in and out of sweet Lita. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. We're sending purrs to your mom, Lita, and hope her knee is feeling better. We know you're giving her lots of purr therapy.

  3. I am sorry I missed your birthdays... Happy Birthday.

    Thats would be beyond scary... a Fire ! I's glad you are ok ...
    I hope your Mom will be oks too.

    Rose- the adult kitten.

  4. We are thankful that no one's place burned, and that you have a new litter box, and that your mom is on the mend!

  5. I'm glad that fire wasn't anything really threatening, but what a bummer about your human's fall. :-( That new litter box sounds perfect for you.

  6. We're glad the fire was nothing serious. We're sorry for your mom ; we send her tons of healing purrs and hope she feels better soon. Purrs

  7. The fire alarm must have been very scary, but I'm glad it wasn't serious. I hope your mom's knee soon feels better. It is nice that she has a good neighbour who helped her.

  8. Purrayers & POTP for your Mom to get better ! So glad it wasn't worse and that the fire was quickly put out. Pawkisses to you & the Orange One.

  9. I am sorry your Mom fell, I hope she heals quickly.

  10. Mee-you milita wee are fankfull Lady Sierra did not herted herself werse. Mee iss sendin POTP an lotss off LUV to her to get better soon.
    An mee iss fankfull yur doin so well an here with all of us.
    An mee iss fankfull LadyMum did not end up inn Hospital. An mee fankfull shee gotted thee Pee Cee fixed.
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

  11. A new litter box is always exciting! Sorry to hear about your mom--we hope she is ok!! Glad the fire was not serious!

  12. Alarm or not I am glad you had a good day.

    Oh, and get well soon Mom.

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew