Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Purrs and Prayers for Lita

Hi everyone, it's mes, Carmine. 

Mes has a special request. My sisfur, Lita, is not doing so well. Do yous think yous can send hers some purrs and prayers? Mes will let the Mom tell yous what is going on, 'cause it is too technical for mes to understand. All mes knows is hers is acting very strange and hers no feels good.

/The Mom here.

A couple of weeks ago, I took Lita to the vet for some blood work because she was slowing down on her eating. While at the vet, they noticed she had a little sore on her left hind ankle. Lita can't walk like a "normal" cat since she shattered the achillies tendon in that leg. Her ankle rubs on the floor as she walks, and that spot has been bald for  a while.

The vet said the sore looked infected and asked if they could give a Convenia injection.  I stupidly assumed that since Lita didn't have any problems with the injections when she was on them for five months to treat her pneumonia that it would be fine.  So I told them to go ahead and give her one.

She was fine for almost a week.

Then, she started acting really odd. She'd get herself into a corner or under the dresser and not be able to figure out how to get out. She was tromping over anything in her path. She stopped eating completely.  We had to start syringe-feeding her. She went to the bathroom wherever she was instead of in her litter box. She was not at all herself. Her back legs were so weak that she had trouble getting up and walking around. It was very disturbing and upsetting.

It was like something had taken over her brain. Last Tuesday morning, she looked so terrible that I nearly helped her to the Bridge.

But then I remembered that maybe the Convenia was responsible, so D went to do some research, and sure enough, neurotoxicity is an adverse reaction to the Convenia injection - an adverse reaction that is not reported by vets.  When I asked about the side effects last year before she got any, the IM vet assured me that the side effects were mild.  I knew about adverse reactions from some of our friends, but I wasn't aware of the neurotoxicity. 

I took Lita to the vet on Wednesday, and he agreed that it looked like neurotoxicity from Convenia. He was concerned about a rare type of anemia Convenia can cause, so we tested her red blood cells, and they were fine, thankfully.

After the vet, Lita began to eat on her own. She still was not eating enough, but she was eating some, at least. She began to use the litter box. Her personality was coming back a little.

Two days ago, she crashed again. She's right back to where we were when this started. She refuses to eat on her own. She doesn't drink. She eliminates wherever she is. Her strange behaviors are back full-swing. And she's having trouble getting up/around again.

Her not eating is very concerning. When I try to syringe-feed her, she fights me. She claws my face. I just feel so bad for her. If cypro and cerenia don't help her eat on her own, it may be a good idea to look into a feeding tube soon.

I'm honestly not sure she will make it through this. I really, really don't want it to be her time. I feel like a fool for allowing them to give Lita a Convenia injection and for assuming she'd be fine just because she was before.

I hope and pray with everything I have that she pulls through this.


  1. I'm sending lots of purrs to Lita, and to you. Please don't beat yourself up over the Convenia shot. It really helped her before, so who knew she would have such an adverse reaction? I hope the vets can help her with whatever this neurotoxicity is that is going on.

  2. Oh my, this is most upsetting and sad to hear and think it must be so distressing for you both to be living through this. We, Mrs H and I are praying and purring up a storm here in the UK for you both. I hope she can kick the Convenia out of her system and sort the underlying issue too that it may have triggered, and get back to normal very very soon...
    Gentle supporting purrs
    ERin & Mrs H

  3. We're so sorry for you and Lita. You both have been through a lot. We hope this is just a temporary setback! We're thinking of you and we love you!

  4. I'm so sorry about Lita. I hear of far too many cats who have severe reactions to Convenia, and it breaks my heart every single time. Far too many vets overuse this drug because it's so "convenient" and neglect to warn cat parents of the potential of severe reactions. We're sending healing energy and purrs.

    1. So do I. They should not be allowed to use it without going through all of the possible reactions first.

  5. It breaks my heart that you and Lita are having to go through so much. You are both so blessed to have each other, though, and I won't lose faith that Lita can beat this. Our most heartfelt purrs and prayers are coming your way!

  6. I was not aware that could happen. I will be praying she pulls through this with love and prayers. XO

  7. Lita, we have you in our thoughts! We, Peaches & Paprika had Convenia twice 5 years ago innocently. Only AFTERWARDS did our human hear about the possible side effects. She was aghast. We trust our vets so please don't beat yourself up, please! We all love our animals and do the best we can. Paws crossed that this is temporary & when it wears off so will the effect. Sending you guys healing thoughts.

  8. Sending our biggest purrs to you, sweet Lita. Hugs and love are coming, too!

  9. Sending mega-purrs and pawyers too.
    Big hugs to you mom, too.

  10. Sending love hugs and prayers for you both. I hope Lita can pull through this setback. I know Convenia helps a lot of cats, but there are too many that have had serious side effects from it. I personally feel it should be banned until it can be modified to make it safer for all.

  11. lita; we are sorry and we send st francis' blessings to you; it's on tuna's chart to NEVER administer convenia after what sauce went through....I will just leave it at that. yes, her NOT eating is your major concern... at this stage no matter what it takes or what she eats; go for it. I am truly sorry ~~~~~ I know what you are going through ♥♥♥♥♥

  12. Purrayers & POTP for sweet Lita to pull through this ! She has been through a lot, but has proven she uis a fighter ~ Thank you for taking such good care of her . Several of my cat have had Convenia shots - some more than once. Thank you for sharing that thee terrible reactions are possible. I just hope things start looking up.

  13. We're purring...I'm so, so sorry for all your sweet girl has had to go through :(

  14. Sending purrs & prayers for Milita to get thru this. I am so sorry Sierra that all this is happening; I know how much you adore Milita. I hope things improve b4 you have to use a feeding tube. What a rough road you've both been down this year. I'm here for you.
    (((hugs))) & Love Sherri-Ellen

  15. We are sending oodles of healing purrs for Lita, and purraying extra hard fur her speedy recovery.

    Gentle hugs

    The B Team xx