Monday, October 29, 2018

Milita's Memories

A close-up shot of Milita's face. #MilitasMemories
Lita had the herpes virus from the time she was young. As she got older, the virus no longer reared its ugly head, but when she was young, she had a few rounds of battle with it.

The first time Lita's herpes virus caused symptoms, the vet gave me an eye drop to give her for her eyes. Lita didn't enjoy getting those drops one bit. She would smack me in the face with her little gray paws (thankfully without the claws out!). I had to purrito her twice a day to give her the eye drops. 

One day I went to get Lita's eye drops, which I kept on my kitchen table, but they weren't there. I thought that was odd. Maybe I put them on my desk? Nope. Maybe I put them on the coffee table? Nope. Maybe they're on my dresser?! Nope.

I searched and searched for those eye drops. I knew they couldn't have gotten up and walked off...

I don't know what possessed me to look under it, but I finally moved my bean bag chair to see if the drops were under there.  There they were!! Lita had stolen the drops from the kitchen table and hid them under the bean bag!

She was such a clever and intelligent cat! I couldn't believe how smart she was, hiding her drops like that. 

Needless to say, I kept the eye drops up high in a cabinet after that! 


  1. MOL! Milita sure was smart...but not smart enough since you eventually found the drops.

  2. The Hubby and Chuck had a love-hate relationship when we first began giving him medicines. Once they figured out to snatch Chuck up while he was napping, the tension dissolved! I am sure Angel Lita didn't like those drops, but it's good that you saw the bigger picture and perservered!

  3. Lita certainly was smart! I'm surprised you were able to outwit that bright little girl!

  4. Yes, it's fun to whap things into hiding spots!

  5. Lita was a great little fur ball. We love these stories about her Sierra!
    Timmy and Family