Monday, December 17, 2018

Milita's Memories

Yellow Yeowww! fish.
It's time for another Milita's Memories post. I hope you all enjoy reading these. I like sharing them with you.

I swear this Yeowww! fish used to be yellow! A nice, vibrant yellow.

I don't remember the occasion or where I got this fish, but it was the first Yeowww! toy I ever got for Carmine and Lita.

Little did I know how big of a hit Yeowww! would be. They were quite young at the time, and I'd never heard of the brand before.

I gave them the fish and quickly realized my mistake. I only bought one fish! Carmine had the first go at it, and Lita looked quite annoyed and upset because Carmine was playing with her fish.

Over the years, we've gotten many new Yeowww! hearts, rainbows, bananas, a green fish, butterflies, small pillows, sardines, and cigars....but Carmine and Lita never wanted me to get rid of this yellow fish, no matter how dirty or beat up it became. Believe it or not, the fish even went through the wash - and it still looks this dirty! A sign it was well-loved, I suppose. :)

I thought it fitting that this fish be placed in Lita's memory box because she loved it so much. So that's where it now sits.


  1. What a sweet memory. You should see our nip nanners. We have one old one that is literally green now. :)

  2. Yep, our nip nanner is kind of sickly brownish green, and it's almost flat because Da Boyz tore the seam and then tore open my stitching fix. Our green fish just kind of languishes. Angel has a cigar shaped Yeoww nip toy, but she mostly ignores it.

  3. Oh yea, that's one popular brand here too!

  4. Those Yeowww! toys are the best!

  5. That is a sweet memory. Flynn loved his nippy carrot and we buried it with him.