Monday, May 13, 2019

Mancat Monday with Tylan

Tylan with a bowl of food the day after his fat collection surgery.Hi everyone, it's me, Tylan.

The last several days have been rather tiring for me and the Mom lady. 

She took me to the vet place on Wednesday. I complained the whole way that I was hungry! She claims she could not feed me that morning because I had to have a nap at the vet (surgery). I think she was just being mean! 

They made me take a nap. When I woke up, my tummy hurt! I noticed it also felt funny. It has all these things called stitches in it. The vet people offered me some noms, but I did not want them. 

The Mom lady came and picked me up and took me home. I spent the rest of the day hiding and sleeping. Every time the Mom lady offered me food, I said NO! 

The next day was more of the same. Me hiding and sleeping and staring into space when I was awake. Every time the Mom lady offered food, I said NO! 

The Mom lady was getting a bit worried. She said she'd never had another cat who was out of it so long after anesthesia. 

Finally at 2am on Friday, I decided to eat a bit. Then the Mom lady said, "Oh no! You're not supposed to be eating now. You have to take another nap at the vet today!" But she told the vet I had a bit of noms, and she said it would be okay. 

The Mom lady picked me up to put me in the carrier, and I looked up at her with my sad blue eyes and made her feel very guilty for taking me back. 

When my special cells came by FedEx, they had me take another nap. I woke up feeling a lot better than on Wednesday!! I gobbled up some noms at the vet while I waited for the Mom lady to come get me. 

Then when we got home, I headed for Carmine's leftovers right away and gobbled those up. Then I headed for the kibble and gobbled that! I even jumped up on the Mom lady's bed on Friday night for a bit.

I still don't feel quite myself. I don't want many tummy rubs, but when I ask for them, the Mom lady won't give them to me because she doesn't want to hurt my tummy. I am not playing yet, and I don't feel much like annoying, I mean trying to play with, Carmine yet. But I am back to eating regularly, and I am talking to the Mom lady a bit more again. 

The Mom lady doesn't know when Dr. S would like to see me again since Dr. L was there on Friday, so she will talk to him on Wednesday when he is back in the office to see when they want me to come get more tummy rubs. 

I am going to put a photo of my surgery incision under the "Read more" cut. Me and the Mom lady don't want to gross anyone out. This is a photo of it on Wednesday. It is no longer pink and looks a ton better! I finished my pain medication on Saturday morning and the Mom lady says I seem more comfortable now. 

Thank you all for following my journey and caring about me! I am one blessed little Siamese! 

Tylan's incision the day of his fat collection surgery.


  1. I am glad you are starting to feel better after those vet naps, Tylan. It is good you are eating well again too. I hope you are soon feeling much better than you have in a long time.

  2. We are all sending purrs to you sweet Tylan and we're sure glad you were ready to eat.

  3. At least this hard part is over now, Tylan. We purr that everything goes well for you and you're feeling better.

  4. Tylan, you are so brave, hang in there buddy - we're all purring and praying for everything to work out fine for you.

  5. You poor guy, that looks painful. I am glad you are feeling better now. XO

  6. Eek, Tylan, my poor baby! Eat up, eat up, eat up!

  7. Oh Tylan we are sorry you cannot get tummy snorgles but you will again and soon. It is great you have an appetite and we purr and pray this makes your mouth better

  8. Purrayers and POTP that this solves your health problems !

  9. Meow meow Tylan you are a warrior mee frend!! So brave! So strong! Take all THE time you need to ree-covurr. Wee are purrin an purrayin fore you dailee.
    Miss Sierra wee purrin for you too. To have lotss of strength to take care of Tylan an Carmine!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  10. We send you tons of healing purrs and we hope you feel better soon. Purrs

  11. Oh, Wow, Tylan, we missed all of this, due to petcretary;s negligence at letting us visit...sigh...

    We are glad that you are healing up, and we sure hope and pawray that this treatment will help you a lot...maybe even be the cure for all the troubles you were having.

    Soon, really soon you can have some good tummy rubs, right?? We hope so!