Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Welcome Home, Lewis and Clark!

Frisco and Dillon (Lewis and Clark) in their foster home.
Frisco and Dillon (now Lewis and Clark) in their foster home.

No, no, no. As much as I would love to have more kitties, I've got my hands full with Carmine and Tylan! Rather, I had a small part in helping these two boys find a most wonderful forever home with two of the best, sweetest, and kindest humans I have the privilege of knowing!

Do you all remember Chase? He was my very sweet friends', Doug and Denise's old mancat. They gave him a most wonderful home full of love for many years. 

Sadly, he developed a tumor around the same time Lita was sick with the pneumonia that nearly took her life in December, 2017. 

Fortunately, Chase lived a while longer than Lita. But sadly, he ran off to the Rainbow Bridge in June. It broke his humans' hearts (and mine and probably many others', too). He was a very good, very special orange mancat, and we will all always love and remember him. 

Dillon (now Clark) at his foster home.
Dillon (now Clark)

My friend Denise had wanted two kitties for a long, long time. Another one of my friends, Annmarie was fostering these two handsome orange guys. She'd been fostering them for six months. They are very shy mancats, so they were having a bit of trouble finding a home. They are also a bonded pair, so they really needed a home together.

So when Denise and Doug were ready to give another kitty a loving home, I showed the photo above to Denise. She showed it to her husband and well.........the rest is history! They went to meet the boys and fell in love with them. 

Now they are HOME with Doug and Denise!! 

The boys are incredibly shy and scared of people. In their first home (before they were rescued), their human locked them in the bathroom all the time. It's no wonder they don't trust people easily! 

Frisco (now Lewis) at his foster home.
Frisco (now Lewis)

These two really lucked out. Doug and Denise are absolutely fantastic people, and I know they will love these boys and give them all the time and space they need while they learn to trust that they are excellent humans. Lewis (the long-haired mancat) has already ventured out a bit and was found sitting on the counter yesterday morning! :) Clark (the short-haired mancat) is still in hiding, but he does come out for food, water, and to use the litter. 

They are in the most excellent hands, and I am sure they will be enjoying life soon. 

*Photos used with permission. 
I'm sure you all will hear about them from time to time, so I wanted to officially introduce them! 


  1. They are so handsome and I'm so happy they got their forever together home.

  2. We're so glad your friends decided to give Lewis and Clark a furever home! We know they all will be very happy.

  3. Hugs and purrs for Angel Chase.
    Concatulations to Denise & Doug, and Lewis & Clark! May your time together bring joy and love!

  4. That is such great news! Paws up for this family!

  5. They are adorable. I am glad they got a forever home together. I just mailed you a package so it should arrive in a few days :) XO

  6. HUURAH fore Lewis an Clark!!! Furabuluss mewss that Miss denise an Mistur Doug adopted them together.....wishin efurryn=one there a long Life together! An well dun Miss Sierra fore play 'matchymaker'!!! ;)
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  7. What a happy ending for those beautiful Orange Men. We will bet Chase is purring down on all of you.

  8. They're so cute! How awesome that they found their forever together home!