Monday, October 7, 2019

Mancat Monday with Lewis and Clark

Hi everyone!

It's a special Mancat Monday. Do you remember our friends Lewis and Clark? They have been with their new people now for 10 weeks, so we decided it was a good time for an update.


Isn't Lewis cute? Lewis has always been the more outgoing of the pair. He likes to hang out on the cat tree in his new home. He and Clark like to sit and watch their people make their breakfast in the morning. 

Lewis and Clark have been venturing upstairs often lately, and they like to take turns hanging out in the laundry basket. 

Doug has been able to pet Lewis a bit! Isn't that cool?

Clark (below) has always been the shier and more fearful of the two boys. It took a few weeks before he ventured out at all. Now he stays out for a bit sometimes and goes upstairs with Lewis. 


He will usually let Denise get close enough to him to get a photo if she's quiet about it. 

I heard the most amazing news the other day. Doug was able to touch Clark!! For Clark, this is tremendous progress! He ran off after he was touched, but he did let Doug touch him, and that's really amazing.

The boys' foster mom had them for about six months, and she said that the boys were still running from her. I don't think she ever even got to pet them. So for being in their home only 10 weeks, both boys are making incredible progress in learning to trust their new people. 

I don't think these two could have asked for a better home. Even Max (the dog) gives the boys their space and doesn't bother them. 

I talk to their human, Denise, nearly everyday and get updates on them. I always love hearing about how well the boys are doing! I will keep you all posted on their progress. 


  1. They are two handsome boys and it is good they are settling in so well.

  2. Such sweeties. I am glad they are adjusting slowly, but surely. XO

  3. I'm so glad they are in a good place and settling in nicely. Thanks for the update!

  4. I'm so glad to hear the news about these two! Paws crossed they continue to progress in their (now semi) new home. I think they will.

  5. They are so adorable and the patience will pay off. It took Simon and Seal close to 10 months before the Dad could touch them.

  6. Such good news about Lewis & Clark ! Good for their Mom & Dad for being so patient and loving with them.

  7. We’re glad Lewis and Clark are doing well so far. Cute names.

  8. We're glad they're settling in well. Purrs

  9. We are so glad they got forever homes and are settling in