Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Capers and Harry Book Review and Giveaway


Capers and Harry

Today, I'm excited to review Capers and Harry by Mother Melania, Illustrated by Cayce Grace Kruse. 

About the Book: Capers the Cat loves to talk about himself and show his friends how awesome he is. He is busy showing his friend, Harry the Hound, how great he is at climbing trees when he gets stuck in one. Capers is too proud to admit that he's stuck, so Harry the Hound and Fearless the Fire Duck must come up with a clever way to rescue their friend.

This is a children's picture book intended for children aged 3-7 years old.

My Thoughts: Let me just say that this book is adorable! Now, I could be just a bit biased because Capers the Cat is an orange tabby, and anyone who knows me knows how much I love orange cats!

This was a sweet story of how friends pulled together to help another friend in trouble. This book has some great lessons kids can learn.

1. It is okay to ask for and accept help. This book teaches kids that it is okay to both ask for and accept help when they need it. Asking for or accepting help is not something one needs to feel embarrassed about. 

2. True friends will accept you for who you are. Your real friends will accept you and love you for who you are, flaws and all. Harry and Fearless the Fire Duck know that Capers is a proud cat. Even though it is his downfall, Caper's friends accept him and love him for who he is. They don't hesitate to help him when he needs it.

This book is intended for children aged 3-7 years old. Younger children will need someone to read the book to them. Older children may be able to read the book without help. However, I noticed there are some big words (for kids) in this book, and a child may need them explained to them. There is a glossary in the back of the book, which may be helpful for older children who can read. 

Overall, I think this book is a great one and would recommend it for children, especially those who love animals!

Mother Melania

About the Author: Mother Melania is the Abbess of Holy Assumption Monastery in Calistoga, CA. She grew up in a house where children were always around. When she was young, her parents had to read to her until they were hoarse. Once she learned to read, she always had her nose in a book. It is fitting that she grew up to write children's books herself. She strives to teach virtue in a fun, non-preachy way in her books. 

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FTC Disclosure: I received a copy of "Capers and Harry" by Mother Melania, Illustrated by Cayce Grace Kruse for a fair and honest review. Receiving the book did not influence my opinions. All opinions expressed on Fur Everywhere are my own. 


  1. This sounds like such a wonderful book! I love that involves a kitty. I think that kitties are great for helping children understand basic lessons like these. Of course, there are plenty of adults who could use some reminders too. Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. Sounds like agreat series ! Thanks for the review !

  3. That looks like a sweet book. I have a special place in my heart for orange kitties too. XO

  4. That does sound like a really, really good one.

  5. Thanks for the review and the comments! And by the way, we have four cats here at the monastery - including Simba our very own orange tabby :)

  6. That sure does sound like a cute book!