Monday, May 30, 2022

Book Review: Sunny and the Cats


Sunny and the Cats

About the Book: Sunny and the Cats is a children's book by Victoria Otto. Everyone in Meow Village and Woof Village live peacefully and happily as long as they abide by one rule - dogs were not allowed in Meow Village, and any cat who set foot in Woof Village would be chased up a tree. One special puppy, Sunny, wants to be friends with the cats, though, so he breaks the rule to see if the cats want to play with him. What happens when Sunny goes to Meow Village? 

My Thoughts: Let me just say that this book is adorable! The story is very sweet, and I feel it has value for today's children. 

When Sunny wants to be friends with the cats, his dog friends discourage him. But Sunny goes to Meow Village anyway. Sunny ends up being a great help to a kitty in trouble there, but the cats still aren't friendly to him afterward. It isn't until Sunny has returned to Woof Village that the cats come over to thank him for his help. The cats and dogs end up becoming friends in the end.

This book teaches children to be kind to others, no matter how different they may be from them. I believe this is an excellent lesson for kids (and adults!) in today's world to learn. 

This book is intended for children ages 3-7 years old. Younger childrein won't be able to read this book on their own, but as they get older, this book is an excellent one for them to read independently. The language is kid-friendly; there are no big or complicated words in this story. The book is nicely illustrated, too.

Victoria Otto

About the Author: Victoria Otto is a children's book author who is passionate about children's literature. She strives to create picture books that are educational, engaging, and fun for children and parents to read. Victoria loves to visit schools and organizations and has been able to read her books to over 800 children in the United States so far. 

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