Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Thankful Thursday


Hi everyone, it be mes, Carmine!

A couple of weeks ago, the Mom told yous mes wasn't eating well at all. Hers had to do a song and dance to get mes to eat even a little at every meal. Hers was quite worried about mes. So hers gotted an animal communicator to talk to mes to see what the deal was.

So the nice lady tuned into mes and mes told hers that mes feels hot like an oven. Dry. Well, that didn't surprise the Mom cause mes has kidney disease and mes drinks like a horse, and mes won't let the Mom give mes those icky fluids under mines skin. 

The lady told the Mom to start feeding mes "cooling" foods like fishies and turkey and beef. Mes was eating mostly chicken before, which is a warming nom. 

The Mom has avoided feeding mes fishies for years and years cause mes has a history of urinary crystals But since mes drinks like a horse anymores, the Mom figured the risk of getting urinary crystals again is slim, especially since mes hasn't had any in over a decade.

After that was squared away, the Mom wanted to know how much pain mes be in. Mes told her about a 4 out of 10 and that mes has a dull aching kind of pain. Mines pain isn't as controlled as the Mom would like but mines pain not be as bad as hers worried. 

Mes also told the lady mes not been sleeping with the Mom cause mes doesn't feel all that well. 

The Mom wanted to know if mes feels loved cause hers has to shove so many meds at mes and poke mes at least twice a day with insulin. Mes told the lady mes feel very loved and that mes loves the Mom very much! Mes said mes is loyal to da Mom and mes was put heres to comfort and guide hers. 

Mes made it clear that mes is not giving up; mes just doesn't feel great.

Mes also told the lady dat mes tolerates Tylans. Mes said mes is only interested in da Mom and mes would have been fine being an only kitty when Litas wented away, but mes understands why Tylans be heres. 

Mes also said mes doesn't want any more kitty housemates right nows. Mes said maybe when mes feels better mes would be open to the idea of another kitty but not right nows. 

Since our chat, the Mom has been feeding mes mostly fishies, and mes has been eating pretty decently at almost every meal. 

Today, wes are thankful for animal communicators cause the nice lady helped mes tell the Mom what mes needed. 

Brian's Thankful Thursday


  1. Carmine, I am very happy to hear you are doing well and being looked after so well. I think your mum knows how to make you feel well because she loves you.
    Purrs, Julie

  2. Wow you had a pawsome visit with the communicator! It's so good that your Mom knows how you are feeling and what to do now to get you much much better. Much loves and purring healing to you too from us XO!

  3. Sounds like that communicator knows what she is about, I'm glad you get fishies again and are feeling better. We're sending healing purss your way sweetie.

  4. I wish I had the gift of communicating with cats like that. I am glad your mommy checked with her to help you feel better. XO

  5. That is great, Carmine, that youu are eating so much better. You were very sweet to tell that lady all your thoughts, and then she knew how you could be helped. Hang in there! You are very much loved.

  6. Terrific! It's good to talk to someone, Carmine.

  7. Carmine, you are eating better, that is very good news indeed! Happy purrs from us!

  8. Carmine, we're so happy you are eating better now, really happy, and we're glad you were able to get those good messages through to your Mom. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  9. We're g;ad Mom found somebody to talk to you Carmine so she could be sure she was doing everything right to help you. You obviously love each other (and Tylan) very much.

  10. has yoo tried sum probiotic yogurtz or some pet cbd's?

  11. How great that you were able to talk with that communicator lady, Carmine, and that it helped get your momma some answers. We are happy you are eating better!

  12. So glad to hear you're now eating better (((hugs))) xxx

  13. We're glad things are doing better for you.

  14. Glad to hear you're eating. Hmmm, I eat a lot of fishie food but I still don't eat. I've never liked turkey cat food but lately I've eaten beef. In fact TW was worried I might have beef allergies cos I scratch a bit more. Maybe TW should try a kitty communicator.