Thursday, August 31, 2023

Giovanni's First Ginger Cat Appreciation Day


Giovanni: Mama?

Mom: Yes, Giovanni?

Giovanni: You know what Tylan said?

Mom: Thinks to herself: This ought to be good.... To Giovanni: What did Tylan say?

Giovanni: He said today is Ginger Cat Appreciation Day.

Mom: He's right. Today is Ginger Cat Appreciation Day.

Giovanni: Mama? What's a ginger cat?

Mom: A ginger cat is a cat who has orange fur.

Giovanni: So me is a ginger cat?

Mom: Yes, Giovanni. You are a ginger cat. The most adorable ginger cat.

Giovanni: Does that mean you'll let me steal all of Tylan's food today?!

Mom: No, Giovanni. 

Giovanni: Well, does it mean me can steal all Tylan's treats today?

Mom: No, Giovanni.

Giovanni: Aww. Well, can me at least has some extra treats?

Mom: Okay, Giovanni. You can have a few extra treats today. Just don't tell your brother, okay?

Giovanni: Yipee!
::Runs off yelling:: HEY TYLAN, GUESS WHAT?!

Mom: Giovanni!

Giovanni: What? Me was just gonna ask him if he wants to play....

Happy Ginger Cat Appreciation Day to all our ginger cat friends!


  1. Happy Ginger Cat Appreciation Day sweet Giovanni! We all appreciate the adorable you!!!

  2. Hi, little ginger-one ... happy first Ginger Giovanni Day! Enjoy your extra treats and you do not have to share ...

  3. Ahaha! Giovanni, you rascal you! Happy Ginger Cat Appreciation Day to all!

  4. Happy Purrthday Giovanni ! And many more !

  5. Happy Ginger Cat Appreciation Day, Giovanni!