Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Thankful Thursday: Joan



We are joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday blog hop today.

Today I am thankful for cat lady, Joan. Joan passed away earlier this week after fa long battle with cancer. I was lucky enough to meet her once. 

Joan did a TON for Colorado kitties. She fostered for several shelters and rescues. She was very kind. I met her through a mutual friend, and she shared so much information with me when Carmine became diabetic. She even brought over some sub-q needles for Carmine when ours were delayed in the mail during the pandemic. 

I stole this from the No Kill Colorado Facebook page

"Joan Ogner

March 8, 1954 - February 4, 2024.

The animal welfare community mourns the loss of a remarkable advocate and caregiver, Joan Ogner.
The Rainbow Bridge is well known in our community. It is a place where pet animals are imagined to go after death, where they will eventually be reunited with their owners.
If there is a rainbow bridge, it is a joyful place today. Joan Ogner is with the multitude of cats she personally cared for and the thousands she had a hand in saving through Colorado Cats in Need and throughout her life of compassion and service.
Her compassionate heart and tireless efforts through organizations like Colorado Cats in Need and No Kill Colorado (NKC) have saved and improved the lives of thousands of feline companions.
And so, we announce the passing of Joan Ogner on February 4. For the past two years, she battled cancer all while continuing to dedicate herself to the cause she held dear. Joan was deeply involved in NKC from its inception. Her departure from NKC led her to establish Colorado Cats in Need, a platform that has resulted in over 12,000 followers and continues to make a difference in the lives of cats and their loving owners. It was this unwavering drive that fueled Joan's tireless advocacy.
Joan endlessly advocated for saving treatable cats, those that were in greater danger when homeless. She focused primarily on diabetics and senior kitties. And saving them through funding, networking, foster and adoption. She was a leader for the Purrito Project, creating with a team and donating purritos, bottle baby sweaters, designed to help swaddle neonatal kittens while feeding in support of lifesaving organizations.
As a founding member, the first Vice President, and the second President of NKC, Joan's impact on the organization and the lives of countless animals cannot be overstated. I had the privilege of meeting Joan during the inaugural meeting of NKC in January 2011. Together with her friends, we embarked on a journey that has since saved thousands of homeless pets through innovative programs and unwavering advocacy.
Joan was a friend to NKC right up until the end. We created the Colorado Cats in Need Fund to help with Spay/Neuter, TNR and medical treatment for those in need.
She was helping to support the Colorado Rescue Act, a bill designed to save more cats and dogs in Colorado. In December she helped us organize the acquisition and distribution of a truckload of cat supplies. It was the last time I got to see her and hug her in person. And I am grateful for that.
Joan, your legacy will endure. Your passion and leadership will not fade with your departure from our world. Instead, they will live on in the hearts of all the individuals you touched and guided, inspiring them to become better caretakers for our beloved furry friends. Donations in her name can be made to Colorado Cats in Need,"

I feel blessed to have known this amazing woman.

Colorado Cats in Need will continue forth. I have been approved to help moderate the Facebook group, and I hope that I can make Joan proud by continuing with her work. She and I weren't close, but she really touched my heart with her love of kitties everywhere.

I imagine Joan is surrounded by cats in Heaven. May she rest in peace and happiness.

Thank you, Joan, for all that you did to help kitties. You were truly an amazing and inspirational soul!

Thankful Thursday


  1. I am sorry you lost such a fine lady, and I hope you will find fulfillment in being the moderator for that FB group.

  2. Prayers to all who cared for this amazing and generous woman, her loss cannot be measured.
    May she rest well among those she loved and those who loved her.

  3. Always sad to lose somebody like this. Purrayers to all who love her.

  4. I'm sad to learn of the passing of Joan. What an impressive record of helping kitties, and what a lovely tribute to all her efforts. Sending purrs of comfort to all her family and friends.

  5. Such a wonderfully special lady and the world along with Colorado was lucky to be graced with her presence. Rest in Peace sweet lady. Thanks for joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  6. We’re sorry about the loss of your friend. She sounds like a really special person and the cat rescue world will miss her.

  7. We are sorry for your loss Joan sounds like such an amazing person who did so much for the cats. Sending purrs for her family and all who loved her.

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