Monday, June 10, 2024

Happy Gotcha Day, Giovanni!


Today is Giovanni's FIRST GOTCHA DAY! Can you all believe it? I sure can't! 

When I met Giovanni, he was a tiny 10-week-old kitten and weighed just 2.4 pounds. I could pick him up with one hand. 

Before Carmine left for the Rainbow Bridge, I swore up and down that I wasn't going to get a kitten. Adult kitties have much more trouble finding loving forever homes. I'd get an adult, that's what I was going to do. 

And then.....I went on PetFinder and searched for orange kitties in my area and ran across the most adorable kittens. I couldn't resist. It wasn't going to hurt to go and meet the kittens, right? 

Giovanni's foster mom was kind enough to let me spend like an hour with Giovanni and his siblings and mom cat. While his brother and sisters bounced around the room, Giovanni watched from a distance. 

Tylan and Giovanni

He decided I was okay and came over to hang out by me. He even had a nap next to me. He spent nearly the whole time near me, and by the end of our visit, I was in love. 

I got to bring my tiny fuzzy buddy home two days later. 

Giovanni came into our lives when we needed him. He immediately lifted Tylan's spirit and mine. He eased our heartache over losing Carmine and helped us find joy again.

Tylan has what he always wanted - a best feline friend. He and Giovanni are best friends, and it is adorable. They can usually be found hanging out near each other for naps and romping around the apartment playing together when they're awake. Tylan bathes Giovanni's head sometimes, and Giovanni watches over Tylan when he isn't feeling his best. It's so very sweet.

It's been a fun year watching Giovanni grow, learning his likes and dislikes, and being entertained by his antics. I'm looking forward to many more!


Happy Gotcha Day, Giovanni!

We love you!

Love, Tylan and Mama