Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Question and Another Update on Carmine

I have a question, and then another update.  I'm hoping some of you or your humans will have some ideas!

I think Carmine's still in pain.  He keeps rubbing his face on *everything.*  He's only on the pain medication for one more day (antibiotics for five more).  How can I make my baby more comfortable?  I don't like seeing him in pain at all; it makes me very sad.

Now for the update.

Carmine ate about two-thirds of his wet dinner tonight.  He has also been eating a little kibble now and then.  I think he's on track to eating normally again soon, which makes me happy!

Hope everyone is doing well and having a good weekend!


  1. Hmm, when Nicki had his 8 extractions, he had the pain meds at the vet and then none after that. Truly. He was pretty sad looking for a couple of days, but then was fine.

    I can't remember what happened after Derry's 9 extractions, but I think the vet (different vet) sent me home with a few days' worth of bupre....the liquid (syringe-filled) pain reliever.

    Neither boy seemed to any problem eating, even though I'm sure it wasn't comfortable. Oh, of course they couldn't have any kibble for a week or ten days, something like that. Derry wouldn't touch the moistened kibble, so he just got canned --I might have ground up some dry and sprinkled it on top, I can't recall. But I do know they weren't allowed to have anything crunchy until their mouths fully healed.

    Good luck with Carmine and lots of purrs from the boys!

  2. Oh, the "bupre..." is because I can't think of the full name of it, or how to spell it!

  3. Glad to hear that Carmine is a little better. Sorry we didn't make it here earlier to send purrs. He is probably rubbing his face because his mouth feels funny where the tooth came out and he might just have a sore mouth. Just watch him and see how he eats and if it is hurting him to eat. Sending tons of purrs to you and Carmine. Take care.

  4. I sure hope Carmine continues to improve and we all send lots of purrs.

  5. I had all my toothies pulled about 2 years ago. We don't think you boy is in pain, We think his mouth feels funny and he doesn't know what's wrong with it. That should lesson as he gets used to no teeth. It does feel funny at first. It's good he's on an antibiotic yet tho - I think I was on one for about 2 or 3 weeks after surgery.

  6. We're purring for Carmine. We're glad to hear he's eating!

    The Florida Furkids

  7. If Carmine is eating, then it's unlikely that he's in "pain". Like what the other bloggers suggested, his mouth probably feels odd causing him to rub his face.
    Perhaps adding a ice cube in his water may be comforting to him? Or even giving him cold canned food?

  8. We're very glad that Carmine is starting to eat a bit more. That's a good sign.

    If he's just rubbing his face against you, the furniture and normal face rubbing places then he could just be remarking his world with the scent glands in his cheeks and muzzle.

    Is he favouring the opposite side to the extraction? He may still be sore from that, the vets may also have descaled any tartar he had revealing the gum disease. Tartar can overlap onto the gum and when it comes off, the gum can be quite sore.

    If he stays crouched, looks miserable, shows definate problems eating (dropping food from his mouth, eating less, not drinking or drinking lots) or if you see him pawing at his mouth with his paw (like face cleaning but much more vigorous) then speak to the vet. He's got antibiotic cover, but he may need some more pain medicine or a change of pain meds.

    We are sending him lots of purrs.

    Sierra, thank you for your kind comment to us on the loss of our Oliver, it means so much to us, we miss him awfully.

    Luff from Gerry, Mungo & The Ape

  9. We've been keepin up and purrin fur Carmine. Sounds like you've got some good ideas bout the mouth feeling weird. If it's not that, could it be the pain meds makin him rub his mouth? We'll keep Carmine in our purrayers. xoxo

  10. We hope Carmine feels MUCH better soon. It sure must feel strange to have those teeth missing. Purrs and pawhugs.

  11. If rubbing is the only symptom, he might not be in pain, he might be uncomfortable, but eating is the big clue. He feels well enough to eat, and that's a good thing.

  12. We are still purrin' for Carmine. What Everycat said sounds about right. We has to has a dental soon, but hope no extrk . . . pulled teefs please. Purrs.

    Laura & Taffy

  13. Talk to your vet about pain killers! We're purring for Carmine, poor darling.

  14. We are glad that Carmine is eating well ... that must mean he is starting to feel a lot better. We will keep on purring and praying that his healing is rapid and complete.

  15. We are happy to hear your kitty is eating well and are keeping you in our purrs.