Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another Carmine Update

I wanted to give everyone another update on Carmine.

He is done with his pain meds, and he has one or two doses of Amoxicillin to go.  He is eating some - still not as much as I'd like him to - but what I do now is let him eat his wet dinner in two or three sittings.  He usually gets through most of it like that.

He's entirely too smart, too!  Now when he hears me shake the bottle of his Amoxicillin (which you have to do every time you give it), he runs and hides.  He's learned that I always look under the bed first, so he changed his hiding spot to under my little white dresser.  This evening, I couldn't find him.  It turns out, he went to hide under my big brown dresser.  Silly kitty.  Doesn't he realize mama will always find him? ;)

I'm sure the vet would have called if something showed up in his blood tests, but I'm going to call tomorrow and make sure.

Thank you again everyone for the purrs and prayers and good thoughts for my baby! :)


Carmine is definitely still not eating enough.  He is eating some, which is good, but not enough. I'm calling the vet later to see what ideas they have.  I'm fairly certain he's losing weight and he absolutely cannot afford to lose even one more single ounce.  I wonder if the Science Diet prescription a/d would be possible to put him on temporarily......we'll see what the vet thinks; I'm sure they will have some kind of idea~!


  1. That's a good update! Carmine will probably eat better when he knows there's no more icky meds. ;)

  2. We're purring that Carmine will start eating more. A/D may be a good option because it tastes good and has lots of calories!

  3. We're purring for Carmine over here. Eat Carmine - eat!

  4. Carmine....please eat more!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Sending more purrs for Carmine. AD is very good for tempting kitties to eat, it's nice and soft like a pate and you can give it a couple of seconds in the microwave to warm it a little to release more good smells (test the temp first!)

    Come on Carmine, you gotta eat up fella!

    Gerry & Mungo

  6. Come on Carmine, chow down or the No Fun will be showing up again!

  7. Come on, Carmine, eat some, OK? Everyone will feel better after that.

  8. Try putting the pills in a ziplock rather than the bottle, then it wont rattle when you get one out? Of course, with only two left, that's not much help I suppose.
    Purring that he starts eating more soon!