Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Words on Wednesday: Update on Jewel

Yesterday, I took Jewel to the vet for a follow-up regarding her blood pressure.  She's been on the Amlodipine for about a week and a half now.

We'll start with the good news, shall we?

Her blood pressure has gone back to NORMAL!!!  And her retinas are already 90% REATTACHED!!!!  Yay!!!  The vet wants to see her in 3-4 more weeks to make sure the medication continues to work.  Jewel has made that horrible howling/crying sound since late last week, either, so I figured things were on the right path where her blood pressure is concerned.

Jewel's legs, on the other hand, don't seem to be doing so well.  The vet says her back legs are very weak (and last potassium level was normal).  She suggested giving her some kind of injections......but I can't remember the name of them.  I know that her arthritis is advanced and severe, but I'm not sure what these injections are supposed to do exactly?  Carmine's going to the vet on Friday (but don't tell him that) so I'll ask more questions then.

Fortunately, thanks to a very sweet friend and his wonderful fur babies, I was able to restock all of Jewel's meds - and she was out of just about everything.  We appreciate it so very much!!

Jewel has lost 2.5 ounces in the past week and a half, which isn't good.  The vet suggested we try to give her a 1/4 Cyproheptadine twice a day instead of once.  I got her some different canned food yesterday, too.  The Fancy Feast usually goes over pretty well with her, so I got her some of that.  She's working on her favorite right now - the savory seafood one.  She hasn't been eating that much lately, so whatever she'll eat, I will go get for her.

Maybe some of you should come over and bring your favorite can of stinky goodness.  We could have a nomming party and remind Jewel how fun it is to eat all the stinkies!


  1. That's great news re: Jewel's eyes, we're glad she's doing better in that regard. Purrs for her re: her legs, and purrs to Carmine for his vet visit on Friday too.

    And how wonderful that your friend was able to help you with the meds. Vet costs and medication are hugely expensive and our human would be up a creek with no paddle if she didn't have a credit card and line of credit. So she understands!


  2. We're very glad for the good news and hope that the meds do their work and Jewel will improve further.

    The Chans

  3. That's wonderful news about Jewel's BP and her retinas! Is it a B12 shot that was suggested? Fancy Feast is Truffles' fave too ;)

  4. We're glad for the good news on Jewel's eyes and BP. And for your friend's generosity. We hope Jewel keeps doing well.

  5. So glad to hear Jewel's blood pressure and eyes are doing well. That is good news indeed.

    If the goal is to get Jewel to eat you might try tempting her with plain yogurt and cottage cheese. That is how I got Socks to eat when he first came home from Medvet and the goal was to get him to eat and not worry about the thyroid yet. He can't have those things now, but they did get him through the rough patch when he didn't feel like eating.

    So very happy for the good news.

  6. Jewell sweetheart we are sending you lots of purrs and love to help you continue to recover.

    Luff Mungo

  7. Mostly this is great news! We are so happy about Jewel's BP & eye sight. Our Julie is older and has been losing small amounts of weight, so we have been giving her extra amounts of stinky foods, which she loves. Hopefully it works. She is ok other than that so we think it might just be part of being an older kitty.

  8. We're very happy to hear you have some good news. How wonderful of your friend to help you too. xoxo
    We're continuing to send you all lots and lots of purrs.

    Glogirly, Katie & Waffles

  9. oh that's FANTASTIC about Jewel's retinas!!!!
    And bless that friend of yours for restocking the meds!

    Keeping the purrs revved for you guys - and we won't spill the beans about the V-E-T to carmine either!

  10. Very good news!
    Have you ever tried baby food? We hear it works like a charm with sickly or finicky kitties!

  11. That is a lot more good news than bad news so hooray Jewel! Come on sweet Jewel, let's eat!

  12. Glad the good news outweighs the bad, now we're purring that the bad news gets better!

  13. So glad to have your update on Jewel and that some things have improved. Pity about her back legs, poor baby. She must feel so overwhelmed with what's happening to her along with your own heartache and frustrations. Continued prayers for both of you and all the best to Carmine for his vet visit on Friday.

    Julie, Tinker, Anastasia, Chopin and Bridgie

  14. We are so glad to hear that jewel's BP is back to normal, and that her retinas are reattaching!

    Sorry to hear about her legs. Was it Adequan the vet suggested? Sammy got that towards the end of his life, and it seemed to help him a lot as far as managing the pain of his arthritis.

  15. I'm happy to see there is so much good news on Jewel - now let's rev up the purrs to help her with the rest!

  16. jewel....we will be ther with de next tide N will haza cargo load oh toona, flounder, mackerull, sea bass, herring, sardeenz N pizza pie...hows that for stinkee good ness !!!

  17. We are so glad for the good news on Jewel. We are doing out happy dance just for her! And big hugs and karma points to the wonderful friend who helped with the meds! There is an Angel for you. Now, if she can just find the stinky goodness she likes....but we're thinking something will taste good to her.

  18. Jewel's eyes GOOD NEWS!!!!!!

    Hang in there with the meds. I read about that Merrick Cat Food on blogpawschat, its supposed to be tasty and natural (we don't get it her) and its USA made so might tempt her.

    Marjorie, Miranda, Silver and Harvey

  19. I'm glad to hear that Jewel's blood pressure is normal and her eyes are getting better. That is really great news! I will keep on praying about the other stuff. It's too bad we don't live closer together, I have some fish flavored cat food that my cats won't eat.

  20. Well, that is some really great news. I think the goods outweigh the bads here. Keep on healing Jewel!

  21. Hooray for Jewel's blood pressure! That's wonderful news that its back to normal. But we will continue purring for her back legs to get stronger and for her to get her appetite back. We like Friskies and also raw rabbit. We wish we could share with her!!

  22. tell Jewel if I lived closer I would be right over with the stinky goodness!

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  24. Glad tu heaw da good news and meez be purayin'

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥